Kudos to Our Everyday Superheroes™

Regal Security works hard for our clients in a variety of sectors.

We are committed to protecting your people, property, and assets. 

From late December 2022, to January 2023, we have received all sorts of praises from our clients, who truly appreciate our security guards’ efforts while working the front lines.

Here is a highlight of our Everyday Superheroes™ in Action.

A big kudos goes out to our dedicated team of security guards at a retail location in Toronto.

In late December, our three security guards, Samuel Ghebre, Gavin Arora, Kevin Boyer, assisted in a Code Blue. Samuel performed CPR on a non-responsive male, and at the time of the ambulance arriving on scene, the male victim had a pulse. Toronto Fire verbally acknowledged the team, thanking them for their help.

Our three security guards will soon receive Special Recognition Certificates for their outstanding work!

Regal Security: Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

A big shoutout goes to our security guards: Miguel Marquez, Mark Repatacodo, Vaughn Simon, Marco Jefferson, and Naqi Hayder.

Our Everyday Superheroes™ responded quickly and professionally to a Code White at a local hospital in the Toronto Area.

Here is an email our head office just received from a senior executive at the hospital:

“Our team was in the ER yesterday, looking at flooring when a Code White was called to address a very distressed patient. We stayed and observed the call and interaction of both security and staff given our recent conversations about responses in the Emergency Department.  Yesterday was ‘textbook awesome.’ Security was appropriate in controlling the patient and getting him to a safe place.  At one point, he called out that he could not breathe and they made sure all was okay. ER Staff communicated with him throughout the process, telling him they were there to help and that he would be safe, all the while he was screaming. Once the patient was safe and secure, a very touching moment occurred: he asked the one nurse, who kept telling him he was going to be okay, to fix his sock that was falling off.  The nurse laughed afterwards with a colleague, saying, ‘wow, that sock was what he cared about after going through a tough time.’

So, while we often hear about the incidents, I can attest to seeing the great work we do. Thank you for living of values of compassion, professionalism and respect.”

Our five security guards will soon be presented with Special Recognition Certificates for their hard work and dedication.

Regal Security: Retail & Commercial

Kudos goes out to our security guards Samuel Ghebre, Yaqob Tiraei, and Gavin Arora.

Here is an email our head office received from a man whose wife required medical attention while at a retail location in Toronto.

“My wife and I were having coffee with friends in the Food Court. At one point, my wife asked if I could accompany her to the bathroom because she did not feel well.  I walked with her but could see she was not steady on her feet. Just outside the bathroom, she started falling and I caught her and eased her onto the floor while holding her.

A very nice young couple brought us water and called Security and that’s when your (Regal) team jumped into action. I am writing this email to recognize your team for their outstanding professional and courteous assistance. They were all wonderful. They worked together as a team, brought us a chair, asked if we wanted an ambulance, etc.  We declined the ambulance but once my wife was able to sit up on her own and leave, they insisted on a wheelchair to help us to our car. They were very kind and concerned to us throughout.

Many thanks again for the efforts of your wonderful team and your leadership.”

Our three security guards will soon receive Special Recognition Certificates for their outstanding work!

Regal Security: Condos & Residential

Our security guards are getting lots of kudos from our clients and throughout the month of January.

Here is one from a property manager at a North GTA Condo, in response to a flood at the building, which affected numerous residents, including elevator operations as well. Trades professionals were brought in to help with clean up and repairs over the critical 24 hours following the first response.

“I wish to say thanks to site supervisor Kaveh Pirouzan with his expertise , compassion, and sympathy in response to a flood at our condominium. He was the backbone to help all crews and staff and facilitate the job to get done. He also was very patient with residents and crew.”

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