How Regal Security will help “secure” your business

Regal Security provides services to a wide range of sectors, including residential, commercial, healthcare, construction, airport, insurance, retail, and industrial sectors.

We have continuously assessed potential and changing dangers in light of the growing number and severity of security threats to persons, communities, infrastructures, and enterprises. To this end, we must anticipate and define new strategies, communications technologies, logistics, and intelligence to deal with the ever-changing security and safety concerns of our modern neighbourhoods, cities, and communities.

Before taking over security at a new location, Regal Security works hard to ensure a seamless transition by learning all about the site’s quirks, rules, and procedures and hiring the most qualified security personnel.

Our utmost dedication 

We collaborate closely with your building’s operations, facilities, and property managers to provide superior security for your whole establishment. Our Client Relations Managers will meet with you on a regular basis to maintain open lines of communication, build a collaborative working relationship, and address any issues that may arise. The members of our Mobile operations team are out and about throughout the clock as well.

Everyday Superheroes™

We are experts in providing personnel, security, and communications in the urban environment.

Our hiring guidelines cover a wide range of factors, such as education, licensure, and physical ability, as well as background checks, tests, interviews, in-person training, and more.

Protection for the frontlines

Using information about the evolving risks faced by the security business, Regal Security provides its guards with the resources they need to take pride in their work. Guidance, opportunities for growth, health education for shift employees, and flexible scheduling are all examples of activities designed to pique workers’ interest.

Consistently accessible

Anytime, day or night, you can reach out to us and be connected to a security expert ready to assist you.

Currently, our security crew is able to cover many areas for scores of sectors in Toronto, the GTA and now Vancouver. 

If your business or organization needs security solution, you can call on our team to help ensure that your people, property and assets are FULLY SECURE. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how it will benefit your establishment, staff, and clients.

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