Worried about the rising cost of living? How working as a security guard will help supplement your income

The rising cost of living has placed a burden on Canadians across the country.

A survey from Food Banks Canada found one in five Canadians have reported going hungry over the past two years. The skyrocketing prices can be seen in housing, groceries, and gas. In order to supplement their income, many Canadians are seeking second jobs.

According to a report from Abacus Data, a research company, three in five Canadians were seeking a second job to supplement their income.

A part-time job working in security is an excellent option for anyone trying to continue to manage the rising cost of living.

There are several reasons work as a security guard is a leading option for individuals looking for supplemental income.

In many job postings, security guards are required 24/7. Rising levels of break-ins to unstaffed retailers and other places of business when they were vacant during COVID-19 lockdowns reiterated the need for constant surveillance. And the value of excellent security during business hours goes without saying. Security guards serve to protect the real estate, merchandise, staff, and customers. Given the constant demand for the filling of security positions, part-time work is often available in a variety of scheduling opportunities. Whatever your working hours or other commitments are there is no doubt a security job posting is available to meet your demands.

Working in security is an excellent job because it is in demand, sustainable, and provides the employee with valuable life and career skills. Given the 24/7 demand, there are always security guard job postings, many of which you can browse right here on Regal’s website. While other jobs may be threatened by automation and technological advancements there is no technology capable of replacing the benefits of well-trained security guards. The skills learned working in security are transferable across an individual’s personal and professional life and can prepare them for career advancements in security and opportunities across a variety of sectors.

Best of all comprehensive training is affordable and readily available at the Regal Security Training Academy. Regal’s training program provides students with everything they need to excel in their new position as Everyday Superheroes with their 40-hour ministry-approved course and on-the-job training. Graduates from the Regal Security Training Academy are well-prepared for a bright career in the security sector and on the inside track for internal hiring.

Canadians looking to supplement their income to combat the rising cost of living can take the first steps for an exciting career in the security sector today.

Contact our team today to learn more about our job opportunities and how you can make a difference for the community and earn some extra money along the way.

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