Friendly, firm, well-trained and most importantly, proud, as we go above and beyond the call of duty to uphold Regal’s high standards.


This is achieved by anticipating and evolving with the constant changes that occur in the security industry. Whether the changes are logistic, tactical or technological, Regal Security Inc. adapts quickly, offering its clients a real sense of trust and reliability.

Every member of the Regal security team, and every service that is carried out, is directed by the Regal guiding principle: Strength & Honor™. With this in mind, Regal’s security guards are known as Everyday Superheroes™ – they are friendly, well-trained and, most importantly, proud, as they go above and beyond the call of duty to uphold Regal’s high standards.


Our guards are genuine people, trained to handle the requirements of the security professional with poise and compassion.


Regal Security understands the attention to detail necessary to provide the highest level of service in its field. Regal is aligned with a vast array of corporate partners and offers security services to a wide variety of properties and assets in many sectors such as private, residential, commercial, insurance, construction, retail and industrial.

Regal Security Inc. is a partner in maintaining or improving the value of any site. General safety, personal and property protection protocols, logistics, and efficient, detailed administration all have a positive impact on real estate value. Regal’s superior level of security service encourages the desirability of a site for owners, investors, buyers or leasees.


  • Ever since Regal Security took over the services at our properties we have seen a major improvement. Improved team moral, detailed policies, rigid procedures, timely reporting, and clear transparency are a few of the positive changes we have seen since Regal came on board.

    Kyle Thorn Operations Manager, Bentall GreenOak
  • Regal Security Inc. is an excellent company to work for. The staff at Regal Security Inc. are friendly and very welcoming and they respond instantly to your questions and needs. I personally enjoy working for Regal because of the way they make me feel safe working at my site, always giving me pointers and tips to become a better security supervisor.

    Suvana Vijearajah Site Supervisor
  • In my time working with Regal, I have found that their operation staff are very attentive and always on top of anything that our community may require. They are always going above and beyond and are always first to take initiative before having to be asked for any help. My relationship with members of their head office is also great and we never have to follow up on anything that is brought to their attention as it gets taken care of right away.

    Naz Farahmand Condominium Manager – G L Nadlan-Harris Property Management Inc
  • Regal Security is my top choice for Concierge service providers in Toronto. I have worked with their team for over 5 years and they have always worked hard to service our community.

    Michael Heger Condominium Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services
  • Regal has been there for us any time we need them, they have well-trained, personable staff and I am very happy to recommend their services.

    Laura Aguilar, BBA, RCM Condominium Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services
  • I have worked with Regal for a number of years.  I have appreciated their professionalism and the manner in which their guards represent management and the corporation in their dealings with the public.  Their commitment to customer service extends from the highest levels of the company to the guards on the front line.

    Dean McCabe, RCM, ACCI, AIHM President, Meritus Group Management Inc.
  • Recently, the Toronto Police Service called on Regal Security for assistance at a client’s site. Mr. Angelo Kiriakou, one of the Regal Everyday Superheroes™, not only responded to the request but he also took action which assisted the Toronto Police Service help bring an incident to a positive conclusion. The Toronto Police Service thanks Regal Security and to Mr. Kiriakou for a job well done!

    Toronto Police Service
  • For a number of years, Regal has provided excellent security as well as patrol service for the Sorbara Group of Companies. The staff has always been courteous to tenants, exhibit vigilance in their work, and are responsive when the need arises.

    Edward Cattana Sorbara Group of Companies
  • Regal Security has provided fire watch coverage, mobile patrol service, and scale house operations to GFL for the past nine years. Their staff are professional, dedicated, reliable, and we are pleased with their level of service.

    Mo Razi GFL Environmental East Corporation
  • Since residing here I have run into this staff member numerous times and they have always been very polite, professional and helpful.

    Kathleen Resident



Contact us to find out how Regal can provide you with a complete and customized security program to protect all your property, people, and assets.



Providing a wide range of standard and custom electronic and mechanical security solutions at very competitive pricing.



Regal CyberSecure now offers full cyber detection and defence to help further secure your business.



Regolive delivers fast and accurate Remote Video Monitoring services, enhancing security and often reducing costs quite substantially.


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