Why hospitals are utilizing security guards

Hospitals everywhere these days are relying on the services of security guards and they are they are now considered an essential part of medical staff.

The reason is simple: large healthcare facilities are busy places and having guards on duty helps diminish security hazards, especially in the new norm as the world continues to combat COVID-19.

Having licensed and trained security guards at your hospital is a big benefit for staff, patients, and visitors.

The role of security guards at hospitals

Security guards wear many hats while working at hospitals. Here is a highlight of what roles they perform and how they will benefit your healthcare facility.

Patrols: Security guards monitor a hospital through foot patrols and video monitoring systems and are always on the lookout for potential security threats or incidents.

Monitor and Control: Security guards are stationed at entrances and exit points of hospitals to detect suspicious behavior, and they are trained to take necessary measures for access control and ensuring that restricted areas are always properly guarded.

Preventing damage and theft: Security guards are stationed at hospitals to help patients and visitors deal with a wide range of emotions that can range from aggression to violence, and they are also on duty to help mitigate theft of equipment, tools, and medicine.

Controlling high-traffic areas: Security guards know that busy places are a major disturbance for the operations of a hospital, so having them on duty 24/7 helps ensure that pathways, corridors, parking areas, emergency areas, are not crowded.

Helping doctors and medical staff perform their jobs: Security guards help doctors and medical staff do their jobs, and they work to keep blockages of sorts – people and incidents – out of their way.

 Regal Security Inc.: Your Peace of Mind™

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