How to combat the shift in crime when the tourism season ends in Vancouver

Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) are renowned for their scenic vistas, from mountain ranges to breathtaking shorelines, a diverse culture, and a vibrant tourist scene.

From April to the end of October, the city experiences an influx of tourists who come to experience all the area has to offer. Unfortunately, this period also marks a spike in various crimes such as assaults, thefts, and pickpocketing, posing challenges not only for visitors but also for the local hospitality industry.

Hotels, in particular, have to contend with the growing concern of robberies, vandalism, and mischief during the tourism season. Security becomes a top priority for both residents and businesses, and firms such as Regal Security afford everyone peace of mind.

But as the tourism season winds down, crime concerns shift, and security considerations must follow suit to match these demands. As the city returns to its regular pace, criminals shift their focus to other sectors. Construction sites, residential properties, businesses, and retailers become prime targets as the streets become quieter. It’s a phenomenon that the local authorities and business owners need to address seriously.

Regal Security recognizes the unique security challenges that Vancouver and the GVRD face during the transition from peak tourism to the off-season.

This shift in criminal activity demands a tailored approach to ensure the safety and security of the community. Regal Security offers a range of comprehensive security solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sector. Whether it’s construction sites, residential properties, or retail businesses, their security solutions are designed to deter criminal activities and safeguard your assets.

Security is not a one-size-fits-all industry, and it’s ever-evolving. Regal Security understands this and ensures their security guards are well-prepared to tackle modern security challenges and are up to date with the latest crime demands and trends. They have a dedicated Training Academy where security personnel are trained comprehensively. This training encompasses various facets of their job responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of following the law, serving clients, and ensuring public safety.

One of the key strategies to combat crime during the off-season is the deployment of foot patrols and mobile patrols. Regal Security’s Academy-trained guards keep a vigilant eye on your property, deterring potential criminals through their visible presence. They’re the first line of defense against unauthorized access and criminal activities.

Regal Security provides concierge services that not only enhance security but also improve the overall customer experience. A friendly and well-trained concierge can ensure a safe environment while assisting residents, customers, or visitors with their needs.

The off-season in Vancouver and the GVRD may bring a shift in criminal activities, but it also ushers in a heightened need for comprehensive security measures. Regal Security’s commitment to training, innovation, and collaboration makes them the trusted partner to address the security challenges faced by residents and businesses alike.

Contact Regal’s team in Vancouver today to learn more about their innovative security solutions and how they will help keep your business “fully secured.”

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