Kudos to our Dedicated Security Guards

Our executive and management teams have been getting scores of emails and calls from our clients. That’s right, our Everyday Superheroes™ are going above and beyond the call of duty for our clients in a variety of sectors.

A huge congratulations goes out to our hardworking security guards: Clifton Young, Stacy Smith, and Andrew Bristol as well as Managers Anthony Clarke and Navjot Chana.

Here is an email we just received from a resident at a condo building in the Toronto area.

“I am a long-time resident – 15 years to be exact!  So, I know what I am talking about! Your group looks after the security services for our condominium. Your group also look after our sister building.

The purpose of my email is to let you know what exceptional security staff you have working at our buildings. Cliff, Stacy, Andrew, Anthony and Nav are such hardworking people, and they really do a great job at making sure our buildings are safe and ‘in order’ at all times.  They are also lovely to speak and deal with, should I ever have any concerns or if I have any questions. I wanted to make sure that I took the time out of my very busy schedule to let you know just how fantastic they are.”

And More Kudos!

Here is an email that we just received from a resident at a condo building in the Toronto area.

“I would like to bring to light the integrity of Ata Musa, one of our concierge guards.

On October 5th, I flew to Vancouver early in the morning to attend a number of meetings. I arrived back in Toronto early in the morning of October 6th.  Prior to leaving the airport, I withdrew $100 cash to pay for the dog sitter. I arrived home close to 3:00 AM. When removing my keys in order to gain access, I must have dropped the cash in the entranceway of our condo. I noticed I was missing the cash on Friday when I left to pick up the dog. When I went downstairs, the supervisor Mike handed me an envelope and told me the story.

It seems Ata saw the cash and saw the withdrawal sheet. He then went to the camera and went back to the time in question and saw me drop the money. He placed the cash in an envelope and arranged to have Mike return it to me. Again, Ata is not only a pleasure but is full of integrity.”

Congratulations Ata on displaying honesty and integrity, some of the most important characteristics of being one of Regal’s Everyday Superheroes™.

Kudos to Our Dedicated Security Guards

Congratulations to the following Regal security guards working at a major hospital in Toronto:

Marco Jefferson

Jaylon Chin

Aryan Sharma

Saurav Rai

Natasha Wahid

Gagandeep Singh

Here is an email that we just received from a nurse and our client at the hospital:

“I just wanted to say that the security team we have is excellent. They are very professional with the patients and staff. They are excellent when it comes to de-escalating patients.

I work in EPU and yesterday there was a serious code white. Security was there for us, and no one got hurt. I just want to thank the whole security team for the work they do and keeping staff, patients, and visitors safe. I especially want to thank the security that was here for the code white yesterday: Saurav Rai, Marco Jefferson, Jaylon Chin, Aryan Sharma, Gagandeep Singh, and Natasha Wahid

A special thank you goes to Saurav Rai: he was our security guard in EPU.

He came into the consult room immediately when he heard the upheaval in the room and called a code white. He went in between the violent patient and myself and protected not only me but the psychiatrist. The patient was targeting me, and I could have been severely hurt and also the psychiatrist.

The other security came immediately to help as well. No one was hurt and we are thankful. Saurav was calm, humble, and very professional. You are all amazing and a great part of our team.”

Certificates will be presented soon to our Everyday Superheroes™.

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