Why You Should Enroll in Regal Security’s 40 Hour Security License Training Course

In a world where safety and security are becoming increasingly paramount, obtaining your Security Guard License is a necessity to ensure that your future is “fully secured.”

The dramatic rise in crime rates, as reported by Statistics Canada, has made the need for security guards more critical than ever before.

With the surge in crime, there has been a corresponding increase in non-violent crimes, resulting in higher frequencies of property crimes and thefts. The growing population and ever-evolving threats make it imperative to adopt a comprehensive and multi-faceted security approach, a need that only Regal Security can meet.

Security is a fundamental aspect of any organization or establishment, which translates into a consistent demand for security guards across various industries. Whether it’s a retail store, office building, hospital, construction site, or residential complex, security guards play a pivotal role in safeguarding people, properties, and assets. This diversity of work settings allows individuals to choose an environment that aligns with their interests and preferences. Beyond work setting variation, flexible hours are available as security is an around-the-clock demand.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, security threats extend beyond break-ins and other physical threats to encompass cybersecurity. Staying on the cutting edge of security is crucial, and Regal Security’s training program is designed to prepare you for these modern challenges. With experience and additional training, security guards can advance into higher positions, such as security supervisors or managers, or even explore other security-related roles within organizations.

What sets Regal Security apart is its commitment to equipping its trainees with the skills necessary to manage any threat they may encounter. These skills not only translate into success within the security industry but also offer valuable life skills that can benefit a wide range of career paths.

Regal Security has offices in both Toronto and Vancouver, two cities where the demand for security personnel is particularly high due to rising crime rates. Toronto saw an alarming 14 percent increase in its overall crime index, compared to the national average of just 4 percent. In Vancouver, property crime alone surged by 7.6 percent year over year. These statistics underscore the critical need for security personnel to protect people, property, and merchandise.

From October 2 to October 6, 2023, Regal Security is offering its comprehensive training at a reduced price of $195.00 + tax. This training is designed to prepare you for the provincial exam, which can be taken either online or in person.

Regal Security Inc. offers the 40-hour Security Guard License Training course, a 5-day program that covers vital topics such as Introduction to Security, Report Writing, Emergency First Aid, CPR, AED Awareness, and much more.

Regal Security is one of approximately a dozen companies in all of Canada certified with the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) to provide training for security guards and security supervisors. With new classes starting regularly, there’s no better time to embark on a stable and in-demand career in security.

Sign-up today and get working right away: Regal Security 40-house Security License Training Course.

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