From Hope to Squamish, BC, how Regal Security will help keep your business “fully secured”

In recent months, many businesses across Canada have seen a dramatic increase in crime.

Crimes against businesses range from physical property damage, graffiti, theft and trespassing to name a few, putting their business, staff, and customers at risk.

There are many different reasons for criminals to target a business, however, with the right security team in place, crime can be minimized, if not completely prevented.

The need for security teams for businesses large and small has continued to grow since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, where other industries have suffered from declines in need and resources. As the need for security continues to grow, so does the scope of the services that security companies can offer to their clients.

Recently, Regal Security expanded from their home base in Mississauga/Toronto into Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), covering a radius of over 200km – from Hope to Squamish, British Columbia.

Regal Security offers a wide range of services based on the individual needs of their clients and works with their clients to put together a comprehensive and effective package to meet the unique security needs of that business.

Security services offered include foot patrols, mobile patrols, and consulting services. With the range of service options offered, Regal Security has something to cover, even the most complex assignments.

When many people think of security monitoring, they picture a security guard patrolling the outside of a building or monitoring an entrance or interior of a business. Regal Security understands that the needs of companies go beyond the physical presence of a security guard at the business itself and has a thorough training program for its team members in all areas of security monitoring. The firm’s mission is to ensure that their clients can feel confident that the safety needs of their assets, property and people are well taken care of.

Beyond monitoring services, Regal Security also offers consulting services to companies of all sizes. Within this branch of service offerings, Regal Security can work with a company’s existing security team to provide feedback and recommendations to improve the current security program that a company has in place. These recommendations can cover everything from in-person monitoring to virtual and remote monitoring of systems and networks for signs of security breaches.

As the needs of the security industry expand, Regal Security is prepared and well-equipped to grow their service offerings.

Regal Security offers their services across a wide variety of industries, including residential, corporate/commercial, healthcare, retail, education, industrial, construction, and more!

Reach out to the team in Vancouver today so that they can help ensure that your business is safer and more secure than ever before.



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