How Regal provides special security coverage for construction sites in Vancouver and the metropolitan areas

Regal Security is a well-established security firm that has recently expanded into Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

The firm provides security services across a wide variety of sectors, including residential, retail, commercial, and construction, to name a few. Across Canada, in our post-pandemic world, we are seeing a rise in crime as a result of increased inflation, rising interest rates and an increase in the overall cost of living. With the rise in crime, the need for security services is increasing, particularly in areas under heavy construction due to rapid population growth.

Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to live in Canada, with real estate house prices being unattainable for many new residents arriving into the city. For this reason, the suburbs are growing to accommodate these Vancouver-based residents with more affordable real estate options, leading to an increase in construction. However, the rising costs of living and a tough job market are leading to higher crime rates, particularly targeted at construction sites.

As one of Vancouver’s fast-growing suburbs, Surrey, is seeing significant growth in their population, with a large number of construction projects underway to keep up with the increasing demand of residents.

As a result, they are one of the cities in the GVRD that could benefit from the onboarding of an external security firm to protect the general public and growing businesses. Regal Security provides a wide range of security services that can help decrease the vandalism, theft and graffiti that are affecting many current construction sites. These vandalism issues lead to delayed construction and increased costs for the developers, which further impact the end user as the increases ultimately get passed down to them.

Regal Security invests the necessary time and energy, using knowledgeable professionals in the security industry, to thoroughly train their security guards in all aspects of security functions. Their security guards can be hired for a wide variety of positions, including foot patrols and guards at point of entry on physical job sites, as well as mobile patrols. Regal trains their Everyday Superheroes™ on the safest, most appropriate actions to take for a multitude of scenarios through its Training Academy.

The training covers all facets of the potential job responsibilities to ensure that the guards are following the “letter of the law” while doing their job, servicing their client and protecting themselves and the public. Regal’s security guards work closely with local emergency personnel and law enforcement officers to ensure they are keeping the public safe, while protecting the businesses they have been hired to monitor.

To find out more about how Regal Security can help you and your business, reach out to the Vancouver-based team today. One of their team members will work with you to determine your company’s security needs and then build you a customized security plan.

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