How Post-secondary institutions in Vancouver will benefit from Regal Security’s Integrated Security Solutions

In today’s world, community engagement, safety and security are top priorities for any post-secondary institution.

Regal Security’s new Vancouver headquarters offers integrated security solutions to colleges and universities to help them maintain a secure environment for their campus community and guests.

Regal Security’s services include mobile and foot patrols, video surveillance, access control, cybersecurity, and much more.

Regal security guards are trained to handle the requirements of the security professional with poise and compassion. Available 24/7 to meet your needs, Regal’s Everyday Superheroes™ are constantly monitoring and assessing potential and developing risks. Regal Security anticipates and defines new tactics, communications systems, logistics, and intelligence to meet the evolving protection and safety challenges of contemporary neighbourhoods, urban, and global communities.

Regal’s security guards are provided with mandatory, in-class, and on-the-job training through the 40-hour Ministry led Regal Security Training Academy to ensure the highest quality of service. Alongside the fundamentals, security staff undergo progressively more detailed and specialized training to meet the various demands of all our clients. Regal Security Inc. is a registered training facility and conducts all mandatory security guard training in compliance with PSISA regulations.

As crime rates rise in Vancouver and nationally, Regal Security’s integrated security solutions can help prevent and reduce all forms of violence or crime on post-secondary campuses. Having security personnel on patrol can help mitigate the likelihood of problems, as well as deter the occurrence of potentially harmful ones. Regal Security’s industry-leading technologies and well-trained security officers can provide peace of mind and help deter and even halt any form of assault or criminal acts with monitoring, patrol, and other preventative measures.

Regal Security works to monitor and respond to new and evolving threats in real-time. Part of this includes providing cybersecurity services which are becoming increasingly in demand as post-secondary schools offer more online services. In response to the surge in online learning, a recent Angus Reid poll indicated that 76% of Canadian post-secondary students who participated in the survey expressed apprehension about cybersecurity, reflecting a 10% increase from the pre-pandemic era. To meet the modern world’s evolving security needs Regal Security protects individuals, property, and information.

Regal Security’s integrated security solutions can benefit colleges and post-secondary institutions in Vancouver and the surrounding areas by providing them with customized security programs that meet their unique needs.

Regal Security’s top-tier personnel, cutting-edge technology, and in-house training at the Regal Security Training Academy can help prevent and reduce all forms of risk and crime on post-secondary campuses, providing the campus community, and guests with true Peace of Mind.™

Contact us today to learn how our integrated security solutions will help keep your campus community FULLY SECURED.

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