How do you become a licensed security guard with Regal Security?

Need a change in career? Welcome to the club.

For the past two years the employment market has experienced changes like never before in recent memory.

However, there is one particular field that has seen unprecedented growth due to skyrocketing demand over the past two years, and the role of a security guard, especially with Regal Security Inc., offers benefits not found in most careers.

Becoming a security guard with Regal is also much easier than most think. Their industry leading, comprehensive mandatory 40-hour licensing training program, on-the-job training, competitive pay, fantastic benefits, flexible work hours, as well as advancement opportunities and dedicated management team support, make becoming a highly attractive career choice.

There is a reason those who choose a career with Regal Security are called Everyday Superheroes.™

First and foremost, a Regal Security guard provides their community with a sense of safety and security, in knowing that those who don the uniform of a Regal guard are there to help keep them safe, as they have been extensively trained and are fully licensed.

Regal Security guards truly have a passion for ensuring the safety of their community, and providing security for a wide range of businesses in a number of sectors that utilize their services. That’s right – businesses appreciate the efforts of well-trained and licensed guards – all who work diligently in protecting properties, people, and assets.  Healthcare facilities, retail shops and malls, airports, commercial, residential, and construction are just a handful of the locations a Regal Security guard will be deployed, where their presence is not only felt, but also greatly appreciated.

The role of a security guard has always been considered essential to the safety and well-being of the community, as one of their primary roles is to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement, as well as for fire and emergency medical services, and over the past several years the demand for highly trained security personnel has exploded. When it comes to long-term job security, Regal Security guards will always be in high demand.

With Regal Security Inc., the career options are vast, and the opportunities to advance within the company are open to anyone with the desire and passion to succeed in a meaningful, exciting and rapidly expanding industry.

Contact Regal Security Inc. today and be prepared to make 2022 your year of positive change.






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