Are you looking for work? Regal Security has a career waiting for you

We all know the pandemic over the past couple of years threw a huge wrench into the employment market, where millions of jobs were lost, and tens-of-thousands of people changed careers.

We also noticed how some businesses thrived despite restrictions being imposed, while others ended up shutting their doors for good.

Now, even with the economy appearing to be on the upswing, a new phenomenon has emerged that has been coined the “Great Resignation,” which is resulting in employers having a hard time filling available positions.

Many of the available positions, however, are for lower paying jobs with lower job security, leaving many qualified individuals unable to find long-term, stable, and rewarding careers.

But don’t despair – there is a great future ahead for most professionals, especially in the guarding industry.

Regal Security Inc. currently has a large number of job opportunities available for Everyday Superheroes.™

Do you need full-time or part-time work? If so, then you should really consider a career with Regal in Toronto.

The demand for highly trained and qualified security guards has skyrocketed during the pandemic, and the list of positions to fill in a wide variety of industries continues to grow exponentially every day.

Each day Regal Security is booking security guards at locations in virtually every sector of the economy, including healthcare, airport, retail, residential, commercial, industrial, and more!

A career with Regal Security is so much more than just a job because working in the security industry also defines who a person is, in addition to what they do.

A professional guard with Regal Security Inc. is a person who thrives on serving their community, and prides themselves in knowing their presence alone provides a sense of safety and security to the most vulnerable members of their community.

Regal’s guards are given the training and exceptional ongoing support they need to progress in their new careers, with a mandatory 40-hour in-class License Training Course, on-the-job training, along with progressively more detailed and specialized training to meet the various demands of their growing list of clients.

Even better, Regal offers competitive pay, benefits, advancement, and support from a dedicated management team.

The security guard field is very diverse, and provides an opportunity to work in many different environments.

One day at work as a security guard with Regal is never the same as the day before, and each day brings a new experience, which adds to the appeal of the role of security guard.

If you are looking for an exciting, and rewarding career and want to be involved in providing local businesses and your community with a sense of security and safety, then send us your resume today.

We all know that when a door closes, a window opens. Consider then Regal as you new window of opportunity.



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