Why Regal Security Gets “Top Grades” from Post Secondary Institutions in Vancouver

Vancouver’s many esteemed universities and colleges recognize the paramount importance of security on its campuses to address evolving threats now more than ever.

Safeguarding students, faculty, property, and digital information all present different challenges and risks that Regal Security is uniquely equipped to handle. As a leading security option, Regal Security provides comprehensive security services tailored to the needs of colleges and universities in Vancouver.

Regal Security understands that the security threats facing people, cultures, property, assets, and companies are on a steady rise. To address these challenges, they continuously monitor and assess potential and developing risks, ensuring they stay one step ahead.

Regal’s Everyday Superheroes,™ their dedicated security guards, are meticulously selected, trained, and equipped to deliver the highest level of professional protection, response, and safety service. Available 24/7, they are constantly vigilant, safeguarding campuses and responding swiftly to any security concerns.

What sets Regal Security apart is their commitment to providing superior training for their security guards. Each guard undergoes mandatory in-class and on-the-job training at the esteemed Regal Security Training Academy, which is a registered training facility complying with PSISA regulations. This rigorous training ensures that their security staff possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver the highest quality of service. Regal Security understands that the demands of each client may differ, so they provide progressively more specialized training to meet the unique requirements of every institution they serve.

Regal Security recognizes that risk factors can vary based on the location and type of post-secondary facility. That’s why they offer a wide range of services to address the diverse threats that post-secondary institutions may encounter. From mobile patrols and foot patrols to concierge services, video surveillance, and cybersecurity, Regal Security has the expertise and resources to provide tailored security solutions. They understand that campus security services are not one-size-fits-all, and they accordingly customize their offerings to meet the specific needs of each institution.

When you choose Regal Security, you are partnering with a company that anticipates and defines new tactics, communication systems, logistics, and intelligence to tackle the evolving security challenges faced by contemporary neighbourhoods, urban areas, and global communities.

When it comes to the safety and security of your students, staff, and visitors, Regal Security is the trusted choice. With their highly trained security personnel and comprehensive range of services, they ensure that your post-secondary environment remains secure, allowing your institution to thrive. Partnering with Regal Security means working with an industry leader that provides peace of mind.

Contact us today let our team of security guards help keep your campus FULLY SECURED.


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