How Regal Security will help keep your Vancouver Post-Secondary institute FULLY SECURED

As we all know there are ever evolving ongoing concerns about safety and security on post-secondary campuses in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Institutions are always seeking ways to implement improved measures in order to make their communities safer and better serve their students, staff, alumni, and guests and overall campus safety.

As a result, it’s more important than ever to equip post-secondary institutes with effective security measures.

Regal Security, now also based in Vancouver, is well-versed in working with various levels of government and educational institutions, as well as private businesses, to provide security services and access control.

Security measures can prevent and reduce all forms of violence or crime at a college or university. Peace of mind is provided by well-trained security officers and industry leading technologies – all of which may help deter and even halt any form of assaults or criminal acts if they are reported in due course. Having security personnel on patrol will help mitigate the likelihood of problems, as well as deter the occurrence of potentially harmful ones.

At Regal Security, our number one priority is maintaining your confidence. We accomplish this by looking ahead, and adapting to, future changes in the security sector. Regal Security Inc. is flexible in the face of shifts in logistics, strategy, and technology, giving its clients that True Peace of Mind.™

Our company and our Everyday Superheroes™ have the expertise and cutting-edge solutions to meet the unique security requirements of any sector, including the transportation industry (rail, marine, industrial, ports, airports), the healthcare sector (hospitals and healthcare facilities), the real estate sector (strata buildings and commercial high-rise buildings), and the commercial/retail sector.

Regal Security will help develop a comprehensive and individualized security program for your company or organization, no matter what industry you work in, to ensure the safety of your firm’s property, personnel, and assets.

Regal Security’s top-tier personnel constantly keeps an eye out for new and emerging security risks, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to the best available tools and procedures.

We have the greatest guards and systems on the market because we use cutting-edge technology and provide them with the best in-house training in the business at our Regal Security Training Academy.

Ensure your campus is FULLY SECURED today with Regal Security. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the services we offer.

With our expansion into Vancouver, you can contact Gabriel Karesa, Senior Director, Western Operations, Regal Security (BC) Inc.:

Office:  604.210.8440 

Mobile:  604.202.9466 

Toll Free:  1.888.633.8550 

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