How Regal Security will help keep your strata building FULLY SECURED

It’s important to understand that all strata buildings, both old and new, are vulnerable to criminal activity. This is why they should be treated with a high level of caution to prevent illicit access and activity.

As we all know, Vancouver, BC, much like other cities in Canada, is filled with scores of strata buildings. If your building does not have proper crime prevention measures in place, then crime will most likely be a reality.

Protect Your Strata Building

According to the Vancouver Police Department, break and enters at strata buildings, houses, businesses, and organizations (combined) are a common reality.

Here is a look at the numbers in break and enters just over the past year:

2022: 3,180

In 2022, it was reported that Vancouver had a crime index of 37.16 and a safety index of 62.84.

National statistics now suggest that, for every 1,000 homes, 12.25 percent will be burglarized in Canada, so never assume that you are totally safe just because you live in a high-rise building or strata community.

If you own or manage high-rise strata buildings, then it is important to employ proper security measures to protect your residents, properties, and assets from potential threats.

Most modern strata buildings already have security measures in place, such as CCTV cameras; however, these are frequently insufficient to keep trespassers and criminals out of buildings. Putting in place additional security measures, such as locking doors behind you, keeping an eye out for strangers, or reporting them, are easy ways to keep unwanted visitors out of your facility. Even better, activating security guards to keep a close eye on your buildings is often the best approach for safety, security, and peace of mind.

Our Everyday Superheroes™ at Regal Security have been extensively trained both in the classroom and on the job, so that you can count on them whenever you need them. One of our big offerings is managing restricted access in multi-story buildings, and we also help regulate access control, even deliveries. Our team also has extensive experience on the emergency and preparedness and evacuation fronts.

Our security guards, technologies, and security solutions will help ensure your building is “fully secured.”

Here are the reasons why you need Regal Security for your strata building:

Evacuation and emergency preparedness: These days, those who manage, or own strata buildings know the importance of having trained professionals who can help out when it comes to emergencies and evacuations. This is where Regal Security steps in: our security guards are trained in emergency preparedness and evacuation, even First Aid/CPR, and we have a superior reputation in working with Fire, Police and EMS.

Access Control: These days, owners and managers of strata buildings want comfort just as much as they want security. Regal Security’s team are trained in helping on the access control front. Our concierges and security guards can effectively manage and monitor who is coming and going into your building and report any suspicious activity. We become the face of your property and the first point of contact for guests, residents, and staff.

Security Guard Services: Our team of Everyday Superheroes™ are also well trained to serve as that extra set of eyes for your condo or strata building. From scheduled foot patrols to fire safety, to security systems monitoring and risk assessments, we have you more than covered.

Ensure your strata building is FULLY SECURED today with Regal Security. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the services we offer.

With our expansion into Vancouver, you can contact Gabriel Karesa, Senior Director, Western Operations, Regal Security (BC) Inc.:

Office:  604.210.8440

Mobile:  604.202.9466

Toll Free:  1.888.633.8550

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