Why you will enjoy working as a security guard

The security guard industry continues to grow year over year. It has boomed into an estimated $350 billion industry in Canada and the United States as well as a $700 billion industry worldwide.

With other industries struggling during the pandemic, the security sector proved itself to be recession-proof. Security guards remain in constant demand meaning varying schedules are always available for those who wish to seek them. More and more Canadians have begun supplementing their income with part-time work and the endless opportunities of where and when to work have made the security industry particularly appealing.

But beyond the reliability and flexible scheduling of the in-demand position, there are many reasons to enjoy working as a security guard.

Individuals working as security guards get the opportunity to do meaningful and rewarding work . The presence of guards makes people feel safe and protects their livelihood. The career is well-respected and offers a necessary and valuable service to the community. Even the presence of security guards helps deter potential criminals and incidents.

Working as a security guard means you can be as social or secluded as you’d like. Different individuals thrive in different environments; some may prefer a more social environment and others may prefer something quieter. For those who desire it, plenty of security guard positions involve customer service as a key part of the position. Improved people skills come with their territory as well. And given the wide array of potential positions, those looking for quieter roles can be easily accommodated as well.

Beyond the social component, every aspect of security work can be incredibly dynamic. For those who desire it, location changes, shift changes, and job-site-specific duty changes can all be facilitated thanks to the demand for security work in all sectors. There are job opportunities for those who prefer the active lifestyle of being on their feet all shift, and those who would prefer alternatives. The versatility and skills learned while working in the security sector can enhance valuable life and career skills. Skills like masterful de-escalation can help in every walk of personal and professional life. Enriching your life and improving your employability.

And industry-leading training available at the Regal Security Training Academy will ensure you feel ready and able to handle anything thrown your way in the line of duty. Interested candidates can register for the academy today and take the first step towards a meaningful, versatile, and dynamic career.

Reach out to us today with your resume and secure your new position as a security guard with Regal! 

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