What kinds of jobs are available with Regal Security Inc.?

We all have heard the term, “variety is the spice of life,” and we also know that the lack of variety leads to boredom and burn-out, which so many occupations end up leading to for millions of workers.

Going to the same office, warehouse, or even driving the same route day after day can become painfully mundane, and if the job happens to involve the stress of having to meet quotas or deadlines, occupational burn-out becomes much more likely.

In addition to the deep need for variety in our personal and work lives, many jobs fail to provide a sense of meaning and purpose, like serving a purpose to the health, safety, or education of the community for example. Many careers that do provide an employee with a feeling of meaning, or a sense of doing something that serves the greater good, most often requires a specialized education or a degree. However, this isn’t the case for all occupations.

There is a reason that those who choose a career with Regal Security are called Everyday Superheroes.™

First and foremost, a guard with our firm provides their community with a sense of safety and security in knowing that those who don the uniform of a Regal Security Guard are there to help keep them safe as they have been extensively trained and are fully licensed.

Secondly, Regal’s employees truly have a passion for ensuring the safety of their community, and providing security for the wide range of businesses that utilize our services. Each day, our guards work the frontlines in helping protect our clients assets, properties, and people.

Healthcare facilities, retail shops and malls, airports, commercial, residential, construction are just a handful of sectors where a Regal Security guard may be deployed. And it’s no secret, their presence is not only felt, but also greatly appreciated.

A day in the life of a Regal Security guard is never the same as the day before, and as the world begins to open back up, the need for highly trained, professional security is expanding at a rapid rate.

This opens up many opportunities within Regal Security Inc. – from administrative and business development positions at head office, like recruiting, sales, accounting, and office administration, to tactical security in multiple areas like healthcare and retail, and more.

With Regal Security Inc., the career options are vast, and the opportunities to advance within the company are open to anyone with the desire and passion to succeed in a meaningful, exciting and rapidly expanding industry.

If you are looking for a new and exciting career, contact us today to learn more about our part-time and full-time opportunities.


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