Why your retail establishment needs security guards this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is now in full swing.

The Holiday Season is a time when many businesses have limited-time offers to maximize profits.

Criminals are, however, on the lookout and more likely to strike since they know that more people will be shopping.

Recent data from leading research agencies in Canada and the USA shows an uptick in robberies and thefts of personal property, which often spiked by 20 percent during December. Therefore, an integral element of getting your retail establishment ready is beefing up its security measures, and in case you haven’t already, you need to prioritize hiring more security personnel. There’s no better time to hire security guards than during the Holiday Season. So, if you weren’t planning to hire any before, then now is the time you should reconsider.

You can’t protect yourself entirely from criminals, but you can lessen your susceptibility. A simple move, such as having a security guard’s presence, can help reduce crime. They are effective visual repellent, which is why they are used. Having security guards on hand to keep an eye on things during the holiday shopping season can help reduce the chaos that inevitably arises at a retail establishment. This is because when criminals see a security officer stationed at the entrance to a building or store, they know it is best to avoid the area.

Here’s where you need Regal Security to step in.

First, our company can offer experts that can help protect your store from burglars. Our guards can provide a visible security presence. To prevent theft, having visible security personnel deters would-be shoplifters.

Second, our guards can help monitor your enterprise to prevent theft and other criminal behaviour in your store, regardless of the security plan you have in place. To deter stealing and other forms of theft, security officers do more than walk the store. To ensure no one steals anything without being caught, our security personnel may view camera feeds throughout the store and inspect customers’ bags for evidence of stealing before they leave the premises.

Finally, our guards are well-trained to respond to crime. In the event of a theft or other crime, a security guard can assist local authorities in identifying and apprehending the offender(s). Regal Security Inc. has been recognized as a Training Facility for security guards by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB)—CAN/CGSB-133.1-2017. We train only the best to provide our clients with these services following all applicable laws and regulations.

Reach out to us today for a free consultation and to learn how we can help ensure that your retail establishment is FULLY SECURED!



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