Regal Security Inc. is now servicing Vancouver

Vancouver has spoken and Regal Security has listened!

Throughout Vancouver, organizations and businesses have made it clear they want more versatility among Full-Service Security Providers.

Regal Security’s Vancouver expansion is offering organizations the opportunity for Peace of Mind™ by enlisting the help of Regal’s Everyday Superheroes.™

Businesses in need of security solutions can count on Regal’s Everyday Superheroes™ to help keep staff, clients and assets safe and help alleviate security concerns.

With the rise of security threats of all different kinds against organizations, people, assets, properties, and cultures, enlisting the help of industry-leading security options like Regal Security is imperative.

Using state-of-the-art technology and the highest Industry Best practice in-house training, Regal’s guards are equipped and prepared to handle any potential threat.

Regal specializes in guarding services for scores of sectors including retail, healthcare, commercial, residential, concierge, municipal/public, post-secondary, airport, industrial, construction, and more.

The expertise and know-how Regal has in every major industry is just one of the advantages their services offered over the competition.

Regal constantly assesses and monitors potential and developing risks to ensure they are meeting the cutting-edge requirements in security solutions, and innovations.

Regal anticipates and defines new tactics, logistics, communication systems, and intelligence to match the developing safety and protection challenges across all sectors.

An arrangement with Regal Security is not a one-and-done interaction; it is an ongoing partnership. Regal works with clients to continuously anticipate and develop the best security solutions for them and assuage any concerns with ongoing communication. Staff can be reached anytime day or night for immediate responses to emergency situations.

The individuals who serve as Everyday Superheroes™ are only the finest calibre of employees, thanks to Regal Security’s Training Academy.

Risk Assessments, and geo political monitoring compiled information shared with the guards, who are provided with the industry best practice training and ongoing support,  allows our team to excel in the face of new challenges and demands that present themselves in the ever-changing security industry.

Regal Security Inc. conducts mandatory Ministry-approved training. Staff receive in-class and on-the-job training with specialized and detailed training to meet the client’s every demand. All enhanced training is based off of detailed site/contract specific needs and demands.

Regal’s Everyday Superheroes™ also understand their position is outward-facing and are prepared to offer exceptional customer service in addition to all security solution needs.

Proudly providing the highest levels of service across other parts of the country, Regal has now expanded to Vancouver.

Gabriel Karesa will lead the Regal team as the Senior Director of Western Operations.

Call the office at 604-210-8440 or email today to begin an outstanding partnership with the finest provider in security solutions.


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