Combat the rising cost of living with a job in the security guard industry

Adding inflation, market volatility, and rising rates to a society emerging from the pandemic, Canadians are facing increased financial stress.

In the face of nationwide economic volatility, many are considering careers in the security guard industry, a recession-proof career that offers the working hours and flexibility that many need to combat the rising cost of living.

According to LifeWorks Inc.’s most recent financial well-being index, the financial well-being of working Canadians has plummeted to the lowest point since January 2021. Canada’s financial situation has worsened by five percent from the previous period, and financial concerns have increased by six percent from winter 2021.

Inflation in this country has reached levels unseen since the early 1990s, causing Canadians to become increasingly concerned about their finances, and the younger generations do not seem to be immune from these worries. There is also a significant impact on stress levels due to rising gas prices, climbing house prices, inflation’s impact on the cost of goods and services, interest rates, and rental costs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic job security concerns reached worrying heights with more than half of working Canadians lacking confidence that they would keep their position, according to surveys. Similarly, more than half of surveyed Canadians said the pandemic had serious implications on their place of business.

Meanwhile, the pandemic spurred surges in demand for security guards. Jobs in security proved themselves invaluable and in demand regardless of the economic climate. Customers, staff, businesses, and homes, always require protection.

As Canadians continue to navigate uncertain times in the face of the rising cost of living, a job in the security guard industry can assuage many of those concerns. Whether an individual wants to pursue a job in the security industry to supplement their income in their current position or forge a career in the sector, there are many options available.

Those interested in working in the security industry have a variety of career options available to them. A person can work a range of hours and shifts that fit into their schedule as security is a round-the-clock business. Through their ministry-approved training programs, an established security firm such as Regal Security can provide you with the necessary training and certifications to work as a security guard. To support their employees’ growth and development, they also provide ongoing education and training programs.

Contact Regal Security today to begin your rewarding path toward job security.


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