Kudos to our Everyday Superheroes™

During the past few months, our executive and management teams have been getting scores of emails and calls from our clients. That’s right, our Everyday Superheroes™ are going above and beyond the call of duty for our clients in a variety of sectors.

A huge congratulations goes out to our hardworking security guard, Samuel Ghebre.

Samuel has just received the Canadian Security Lifesaver Award from the Association of Canadian Life Savers. He has been recognized for “Unwavering Heroism” from the esteemed association for committing acts of Kindness, Selflessness, and Bravery, resulting in the greatest achievement of all: Saving a Human Life.

Samuel – we are extremely proud that you have won this big award and we are proud that you are one of our Everyday Superheroes.™

A big shoutout goes to our security guard, Tanvi Anand.

This past February, Tanvi was patient and worked hard to ensure visitors had access to a guest room at an adjoining North York Condominium, by diligently ensuring someone from the property management firm was finally contacted to assist, since no one was available at that time. It was -6 outside that evening and her dedication meant that guests didn’t have to spend the night out in the cold.

Here is the letter of appreciation our team received from the condominium’s property manager:

“Your staff’s dedication to their work and commitment to providing high-quality service has not gone unnoticed, and we are grateful for the positive impression that they have left for one of the residents. I would like to extend my thanks to you and your team for creating a culture of excellence and for supporting your staff in their efforts to provide exceptional care to our residents. Thank you for your continued partnership and support.”

Tanvi has received a Special Recognition Certificate for her hard work and dedication.

Job well done!

Todd Haynes, our security guard at a Toronto Hospital, received a special thank you note from the staff.

“Dear Todd, thanks again for your help and all that you do to help keep us safe,” writes the team in a special handwritten letter.

Regal’s security guards are known for demonstrating Regal’s Core Values and they always go above and beyond the call of duty to help protect our clients’ people, properties, and assets.

A big shoutout goes to our guards for demonstrating Regal Security’s Core Values:

Mathews Jolly: Shift Supervisor
Manpreet Kaur: Security Guard

Here’s what our major Toronto hospital client had to say:

“A note of recognition for 2 Regal ER security guards (Mathews and Manpreet) who are on this evening covering ER. They are amazing to us. I have heard great feedback from the RP’s as well as every interaction I have with them. They have escalated all my concerns, acted quickly on any issues I have brought to them and followed up as well. Please let them know the Emergency Department is very grateful for their work ethics.”

And more kudos

From our client at a major government office building in Toronto:

A big thanks goes out to all of Regal’s security guards who have been with us over the years on this major construction project. We would also like to provide special recognition to guards Taha Kazmi, Domenic Antonelli, Raj Ramasamy, and Hong Feng for their efforts at our construction site, as well as working with all the trades over the years. Once again – thank you!

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