How Regal CyberSecure is helping SMBs detect and defend against threats

Cyberattacks represent among the most prevalent risks to businesses today. Recent studies have found that small businesses are three times more likely than their larger counterparts to be targeted by such an attack.

Hackers target high-value accounts among small businesses such as those belonging to a CEO. If your small business lacks cybersecurity, then it is highly susceptible to an attack.

According to researchers at cloud security company Barracuda Networks, one in five businesses had at least one account compromised during their recently conducted scan. And when the sheer quantity of breaches is examined more closely, the resulting figures prove even more alarming for small business owners. Other findings indicate 61% of small businesses were the target of cyber-attacks in 2021 and 82% of ransomware attacks targeted businesses with fewer than 1000 employees.

More often, cyber attackers are automating cyber-attacks allowing them to pursue massive quantities at once. This means even new business owners who may not consider themselves to be on the radar of such an attacker are at risk. Attacks can not only harm the business owner, but they can affect employees and even lead to data breaches impacting customers. The result is a disaster for all aspects of business operations and public trust.

Small businesses are considered ideal targets for these attackers as they assume small businesses have less stringent defences against such attacks.

With Regal CyberSecure this doesn’t have to be the case.

Regal CyberSecure is the best choice for small businesses to prevent, detect, and react to such threats. Utilizing cybersecurity engagement methodology based on a framework developed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), Regal provides clients with goal-based, measurable, and pragmatic safeguards.

When small businesses partner with Regal, cybersecurity is custom-made to meet their unique needs. The active industry-relevant-threat intelligence approach to potential threats gives business owners peace of mind.

Faced with increasingly frequent, automated, and sophisticated attacks Regal CyberSecure’s proactive and custom defenses prevent issues just as well as they react to them. Through the use of proven methodology Regal CyberSecure assesses each business’s cybersecurity and acts to fill in any critical gaps.

Regal understands that many small businesses requiring this protection cannot justify a full-time C-suite position and expertise. To accommodate this Regal’s experts will handle your cybersecurity governance on an affordable part-time basis.

Small businesses are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks and many owners may suspect they lack the infrastructure or resources to fill in critical security gaps.

Regal CyberSecure assuages these concerns with custom and affordable security built to prevent, detect, and react. Regal CyberSecure has the ability to give your small businesses the same protections afforded to big businesses to protect you, your employees, your customers, and your livelihood.

Contact us today and let us help keep your small or medium sized business FULLY SECURED.


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