Tips on hiring the right security guard firm for your business

The costs of hiring individual employees or firms quickly add up if the wrong hire is made.

It’s important to get the decision right.

Whether hiring a security guard firm to protect public properties, private properties, or events, the considerations should be much the same.

Key things to look out for when making a decision in the ever-expanding security industry are qualified and motivated employees who take pride in their work, employees who deliver on not only security but customer service, reliability, excellent internal training programs and continued development, and access to the firm at a moment’s notice any hour in case of emergency.

Thankfully, Regal Security offers all of the above.

Hiring Regal Security for your business guarantees access to a highly trained and reliable staff. Regal Security is operated by industry professionals who understand the attention to detail necessary to provide unmatched service in its field.

Regal works directly with clients to implement optimal security services throughout their facility. Hiring Regal is not a one-and-done service, their Client Relations Managers maintain a continuous dialogue with the clients to maximize the benefits of their partnership.  Mobile operation personnel are at the client’s disposal 24/7. So you can expect to be connected to highly trained professionals for immediate resolution.

Employees are trained to provide excellent customer service so businesses hiring Regal employees can expect high-quality employees offering proficiency and positive outward-facing impressions for their organization. Regal’s experienced staff provides security across the GTA, Hamilton-Niagara, Ottawa, southwest Ontario, and eastern Ontario with expansions soon approaching Alberta and British Columbia.

Regal Security Inc. has an in-house top-of-the-line Training Academy which educates and prepares employees to handle every challenge presented in the “line of duty” with professionalism and efficiency. Training and development is just one of Regal’s seven core elements and in addition to the Ministry-approved Security Guard License course Regal works with their employees to ensure constant growth and development.

Regal is cognizant of the shifting liabilities of the industry and provides its guards with education and support. Regal employees come highly motivated with initiatives like career advancement opportunities, guidance, and health education. Recruitment policies include licensing, physical ability, education requirements, pre-employment screening, interview results, verbal and written language skills, and more. Regal promotes excellency in the security sector and guard pride within their community of Everyday Superheroes.™

Operated by industry professionals, Regal Security understands the attention to detail necessary to provide the highest level of service in its field.

Contact our team today and learn more about our security solutions and our committed team of guards who are here to help fully secure your business.

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