Why are so many people working in the security guard industry?

In today’s difficult economy there are so many reasons people are flocking toward careers in the security industry. The security industry is booming, recent pandemic trends proved it is a recession-proof industry. For those who value job security, a sector that not only survived the pandemic but thrived during it can’t be beaten. And it offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity with variety and potential.

The security industry grew during the pandemic with businesses closing their doors and owners requiring their premises to be monitored against rising crime. The sector has continued to boom into an estimated $350 billion industry in Canada and the United States as well as a $700 billion industry worldwide. The security sector’s success during the pandemic was a reminder that whatever happens in the world, companies will always require well-trained security guards to protect their businesses.

The other important role COVID-19 played in the increasing appeal of the security guard sector is that it is an escape from the nine to five North American workweek people grew tired of. According to a Randstad survey conducted at the end of 2021 amongst Canadians, 43% of respondents intended to search for new employment in 2022. The security sector offers a great opportunity to switch gears in your career and join an exciting and rewarding industry with various work hours available. And the best part is it’s not a difficult career change to make. Enrolment in Regal Security’s Training Academy is affordable, and the industry-leading program puts students on the fast track to a successful career.

Not only will the jobs always be there but there is a 24/7 demand for security work at all hours meaning you can find opportunities that fit your schedule with flexible and consistent hours. For those looking for them, some positions have you on your feet throughout your shift which can provide excellent health benefits. But the variety of positions ensures there is something for everyone. The skills you learn in security are valuable in a myriad of other positions giving you valuable professional skills whatever your career goals are.

On top of all these perks working as a security guard is an incredibly rewarding opportunity. Those who choose to pursue a career get to contribute valuably to the community by protecting people and their livelihood. And knowing what to do in emergencies and crises will give you valuable skills throughout your life.

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