What are the benefits of Regal’s Training Academy?

Regal’s Training Academy offers everything applicants need to begin a rewarding career in the security guard industry. With hands-on training from experienced professionals and a Ministry-approved 40-hour Security Guard License Training course those who go through Regal’s Training Academy are desirable candidates and highly qualified to take on any challenge the industry throws their way.

The fundamental training prepares security guards to become Everyday Superheroes™ and prepares them for an exciting and rewarding career in the security sector as well as equipping them with the skills they need to confront a diverse range of interactions such as de-escalating altercations and the potential of violence.

The in-class 5 Day Course includes Emergency First Aid, CPR, and AED Awareness. The skills you learn in security are valuable in a myriad of other positions giving you valuable professional skills whatever your career goals are.

On top of the comprehensive 40-hour Ministry lead testing security personnel the academy’s industry-leading two-tiered approach to training and development provided an additional tranche of training comprising Regal’s orientation program to ensure each applicant has the best possible opportunity for success.

Experienced instructors prepare students for anything that could happen in the “line of duty.” Students can expect hands-on classes, and on-the-job training, that offer specialized training. Courses include AODA-Customer Service, Emergency Response, Report Writing, Pandemic Awareness Training, Workplace Health and Safety, Workplace Violence and Harassment, and Trespass to Property Training.

By the end of the academy course, students will be prepared for a career as a security guard and the skills they learned will benefit them through all walks of life. Students will learn emergency and standard first aid, verbal judo: a de-escalation tactic developed for police, fire safety, the use of force from a practical and legal perspective, excellent customer service, and leadership skills.

New classes start regularly so there’s no need to wait, contact Regal Security and start planning your future today. Regal is offering this 40-hour course at a reduced rate of only $155 + HST.

Regal has many positions-part-time and full-time-available immediately. And those who have completed the Regal’s Training Academy become highly desirable candidates for positions such as these.

Regal careers offer on-the-job training, competitive pay, fantastic benefits, flexible work hours, and advancement opportunities thanks to dedicated management team support and learned leadership skills.

Visit our careers page to learn more about our part-time and full-time job opportunities.


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