What makes Regal’s guards stand out from the rest?

Security is an in-demand and growing industry, with needs increasing over the past couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Threats have increased across many different industries, both in physical spaces and through online or virtual platforms. Gone are the days of security guards being used only to sit at a desk and monitor people coming and going from a business or sitting in a room watching a wall of screens used for CCTV surveillance. Security guards are still needed for these types of monitoring situations, but they are also needed to monitor for hackers and cyber attacks, response to alarms and alerts, and any other security threats that you can imagine.

At Regal Security, we are focused on providing our clients with top-notch, state-of-the-art and progressive security monitoring. This includes providing the services our clients are looking for, as well as anticipating their future security needs. In order to provide our clients with these services, we need to ensure our security guards have the necessary skills and experience that our clients require.

Regal Security provides our employees with in-class and on-the-job training for the services we offer to our clients. This training is ongoing, with our security guards completing additional training to stay on top of changes to the industry and new challenges affecting our security guards and the premises they are protecting. We have a recognized and registered training facility that offers both mandatory security guard training, as well as specialized and focused training for guards looking to work in specific industries or with different interests.

Security training isn’t a ‘one and done program’ that guards complete prior to seeking employment in the industry. Training consists of an initial mandatory training program, that Regal Security offers to interested, prospective security guards. After the initial training is completed, security guards are required to complete a test to become licensed before they can start working in the industry. Following that, they have the option and ability to complete additional specialized courses, depending on their area of interest. Additional training will be needed as well to ensure that security guards are kept up to speed on current trends and advances in security monitoring.

To learn more about a career in security or get started on your journey to a new career in the security industry, reach out to the team at Regal Security today. With a wide range of services, Regal Security has something for everyone.



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