Working as a security guard is a great new career

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another, whether it be personally, financially, medically or professionally.

When the pandemic hit and forced the worldwide closure of businesses, service and offices, many people who weren’t able to work from home were put out of work.

In some cases, it was only a temporary layoff, while others were affected by permanent job loss due to downsizing or the companies they worked for shutting down operations completely.

For some people, the pandemic has caused them to re-evaluate their life and work situations, causing them to seek out a new career path that works better for them.

One industry that has boomed since the onset of the pandemic is that of security monitoring.

Security guards have become a high demand profession since Covid-19 hit, with a wide variety of industries relying on these professionals to help keep their business premises safe and secure. Whether the building was closed and vacant due to the work-from-home orders, or needing to remain open with monitoring of visitors, security guards were hired by companies to protect their physical location, assets, employees and visitors. As restrictions tightened or eased off, security guards have been hired across for many purposes to keep people safe.

Being a security guard with Regal Security has many benefits including full training through Regal’s own training academy, flexible hours, benefits, competitive pay and ongoing education and training. With many opportunities available, job growth and career development available, a career in the security industry, with Regal Security, has limitless possibilities. Our management team is dedicated to helping our security guards grow and thrive in their careers, providing support as needed to help them reach their goals.

Working as a security guard provides employees with a different experience every day. Whether changing work locations or simply seeing new people and new challenges in the same place, each day is different. Not only does a job in security get you out of the mundane same old, same old of some jobs, it also gives you a sense of pride in the work you are doing. As a security guard, you are ensuring the ongoing health and safety of the people around you and the businesses you are protecting.

Whether you are out of work and looking for a job, either permanent or temporary due to a change in your employment status, or simply looking for a change in your current career path, Regal Security provides many opportunities in a strong, in-demand industry to suit a variety of employee needs.

To learn more, reach out to us today to find out how to get started as a Regal security guard.


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