Top benefits of being a security guard in a post-pandemic world

No matter who you ask, everyone has a story to tell about how the Covid-19 pandemic affected them and their family.

With the worldwide shutdown of businesses and services people rely on every day, and people having to work from home for the foreseeable future, suddenly once busy malls, shopping centres, offices, banks, schools, airports and construction sites were empty and quiet. The pandemic gave rise to an already growing job industry, with companies suddenly scrambling to protect their assets with the help of this very important role – the security guard.

As places of business sat empty, the demand for security guards grew to help monitor and protect the company’s assets. Moving into a post-pandemic world, the need for security guards remains, to protect not just physical buildings, but also the employees, clients and visitors to those buildings. Unfortunately, during the pandemic many people lost their jobs as businesses closed their doors for good, companies downsized to save money and many people continue to work from home, keeping office spaces sitting largely vacant and no longer requiring the need for supporting staff.

Through this pandemic period, security guards have remained in demand and a necessary role to fill across many different industries. There are many perks to being a security guard, whether you are out of work due to the pandemic, or looking for a change in careers. The pandemic also saw many workers re-evaluating their employment situations and questioning if their work-life balance needs were being met with their current role. In the security world, there are many different avenues that a person can take in order to find a job that works for them in terms of hours, wages and benefits. Security is an around-the-clock job, so hours can be flexible to fit into different life situations. And unlike many other industries that ebb and flow, security will always be needed, providing strong job stability.

Now, you may be asking yourself, who can be a security guard? The answer is – pretty much anyone! Many companies, including Regal Security, provide their employees with their initial, Ministry approved security guard training as required by the province in which the employee will be working. Once the mandatory training has been completed, applicants can then complete the necessary certifications to get their security guard license. After receiving a security guard license, you are now able to work as a security guard across a wide range of industries such as commercial, construction, hospitality, retail, construction, residential and many more.

Being a security guard also provides opportunities for growth and development, with continuous, ongoing training as the profession changes with the demands for security guards. There are many different types of security that can meet the needs of the various industries that rely on a security firm to help them stay protected. Upon the completion of the initial security guard training, and after obtaining a security guard license, qualified individuals can continue on with additional training in specialized areas, should they choose.

If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a security guard, reach out to the Regal Security team today! We will help you understand what being a security guard entails, and how you can get started on your next career move.

You can also visit our careers page to learn more about the positions we have available in a number of sectors.

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