Here are top five places to work as a security guard

More and more Canadians are making career changes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and an increasingly popular option is to work as a security guard.

Working as a security guard offers a variety of perks as an exciting and rewarding career. Security guards will always be essential to the safety and well-being of the community; the demand for highly trained security personnel has exploded.

Over the last two years, many workers had to reckon with the impermanence of their position, Everyday Superheroes™ will always be there.

Here are the top five places to work as a security guard:


A security guard at a healthcare facility is posted at various access points and is responsible for providing proper verbal assessments of visitors to grant or deny them access. Staff act as front-line ambassadors for both Regal and the healthcare facility. Working in a team security ensures the safety of the healthcare facility’s staff, patients, and visitors. Healthcare screeners do meaningful work protecting some of society’s most vulnerable and their caregivers.


Commercial security guards work in a variety of locations that can be tailored to any personality type. Those who enjoy the solitude of their work may opt to work in a commercial parking lot, areas that are secluded and have minimal activity. Alternatively, those who prefer a more social environment may enjoy working at a commercial office building. Office buildings offer the opportunity for a team environment where security plays a vital and respected role among caring and inclusive workplaces.


Another sector befitting a security guard who prefers a more social environment is in retail. A career working as a security guard in retail offers a rich tapestry of transferable skills. Working as a security guard in the retail sector allows you to be part of a team and learn valuable skills in de-escalation as well as customer service. No day is the same as a retail security guard, keeping things fresh and affording different opportunities. Demands in the retail section continue to grow as storeowners noticed an uptick in crime while their stores were unattended during the pandemic, reminding them of the need for constant surveillance.


Construction site monitoring also affords opportunities to those who prefer quieter work and those who enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team. Construction sites require security personal 24/7, so whether a candidate is more suited for a quiet shift at night or a social shift during the day they can find either in the constructions sector.  There is never a shortage of work as a security guard on a construction site, and a variety of exciting opportunities.


Residential security guards are also in high demand due to the necessity of 24/7 surveillance. Residential security guards are on duty all the time and give tenants peace of mind by assuring they are protected. Working as a residential security guard puts staff in a social place where they will get to know the residents they are protecting.

The Regal Security Training Academy makes becoming a security guard easy. Offering industry-leading training that does much more than simply satisfying the mandatory 40-hour licensing program. Regal’s program takes new students straight into the industry with on-the-job training, competitive pay, fantastic benefits, flexible work hours, and advancement opportunities, thanks to dedicated management team support and learned leadership skills.

Details on job postings for security work in a variety of sectors can be found right on Regal’s website.

If you are seeking a rewarding career and want to talk with one of our team members and send your resume, then contact us right away!

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