What steps do you need to take in order to be a security guard in Ontario?

To be a security guard in Ontario you must complete Ministry approved training such as the Regal Security Training Academy.

Regal Security Inc. is a registered training facility and conducts all mandatory security guard training in compliance with PSISA regulations. Further specialized training is conducted either at Regal’s facility or through one of our several, authorized security training partners.

Each province has different eligibility stipulations for obtaining a security guard license.

In Ontario, the individual must have a clean criminal record (meaning they do not have a conviction on a specific list of offences available on the Ontario government’s website), be 18 years old or older, entitled to work in Canada, and have completed the Ministry approved training program.

Regal’s program makes becoming a security guard easy.

Offering industry-leading training that does much more than simply satisfying the mandatory 40-hour licensing program.

Regal’s program takes new students straight into the industry with on-the-job training, competitive pay, fantastic benefits, flexible work hours, and advancement opportunities, thanks to a dedicated management team support and learned leadership skills.

With the Regal Security Training Academy, students don’t just get their foot in the door, they kick it wide open. Career options are vast and advancement opportunities within the company to advance are in reach for anyone with the desire and passion to succeed.

Regal Security is among Ontario’s leading providers of highly trained security guards. The 5-day course conducted by certified and experienced instructors includes Emergency First Aid, CPR, and AED Awareness. Under the tutelage of Regal’s expert instructors, students are prepared to become Everyday Superheroes armed with a unique set of skills to discreetly prevent a potential altercation.

Now is the time to jump into the security guard industry. There are tons of jobs and lots of new opportunities. If you lost your job during the pandemic, or want a new and exciting career, then send Regal Security your resume today.

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