How Regal’s training academy will help secure you a new career in the guarding industry

Regal Security Training Academy provides training and ongoing support to kickstart your career in security.

Regal Security provides mandatory, in-class, and on-the-job training, along with specialized training ensuring students leave their program as standout candidates for positions in the growing security industry.

As many businesses temporarily closed their offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic they left their workspaces vulnerable to problematic behaviour such as shoplifting. As a result, demand for Regal’s guards continued to rise. Security guards will always be essential to the safety and well-being of the community, the demand for highly trained security personnel has exploded.

The Regal Security Training Academy offers an industry-leading comprehensive training program to bolster a new, exciting, and very rewarding career.

Regal Security’s Ministry-approved Security License Training Course is taught by trained professionals who prepare students for anything that could happen in the “line of duty.” Instructors take pride in their hands-on classes, on-the-job training, and offer specialized training to suit any student’s niche.

Courses include Workplace Health and Safety, AODA-Customer Service, Emergency Response, Pandemic Awareness Training, Report Writing, Workplace Violence, and Harassment, and Trespass to Property Training.

Regal Security teams are responsible for jobs such as health screening, guarding, video monitoring, and more. Guards are now specifically educated on how to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Skills acquired through the academy will help students in all walks of life. The academy’s two-tiered approach of training and development enables students to take charge when addressing a diverse range of interactions focused on de-escalation and avoiding a potential altercation at all costs.

Guards are prepared to handle all situations with confidence thanks to the 40 hours of Ministry lead testing with a second tranche of fieldwork with a Regal supervisor.

By the end of the academy course students will understand:

  • The use of force from both a practical and legal perspective, and master proper restrain.
  • Verbal judo: which is an effective communication system originally developed for police to peacefully deescalate situations through empathy and subtle communication.
  • Fire safety in an ongoing preventative capacity as well as how to react in an emergency.
  • Emergency and Standard first aid- deal with injuries and medical emergencies at home, work, and other environments.
  • Excellence in customer service, even when dealing with difficult customers.
  • Leadership skills allowing senior security to advance into leadership roles thanks to understanding management functions, problem-solving, and how to lead a team.

The Regal Security Training Academy 40-hour course is being offered at a reduced rate of only $155+ HST. Online learning options are coming soon. Regal has many positions-part-time and full-time- that need to be filled immediately and the academy prepares you to begin a new career as an Everyday Superhero.

Contact us today and “secure” your new career in the guarding industry!

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