Regal has the Technology to Provide Your Business with the Best in Security

Security threats are steadily escalating, and Regal Security Inc. is continuously monitoring and assessing all potential and developing security risks to people, cultures, property, assets, and companies.

With Regal Security affiliates like Regolive and RegoTec, our highly-trained professionals are able to anticipate threats, and define new tactics, communications systems, logistics, and intelligence to meet the evolving protection and safety needs that our business clients, neighbourhoods, and global communities face 24-hours a day.

In addition to providing the most highly trained, on-site security guards in the industry, Regotec offers an extensive series of security products and services to ensure exterior, perimeter, and interior security to people, assets, and property. Regotec is an affiliate of Regal Security Inc. and is an electronic security integrator, which was created to provide a wide range of standard and custom electronic and mechanical security solutions. Regotec designs and installs new systems, as well as retrofitting or upgrading existing systems.

Regolive provides clients with fast and accurate Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) services. Regolive delivers a wide-range of next-generation video monitoring services to its customers, which include 24-hour, real-time video monitoring and video patrols of all facilities, with instant Smart phone alerts, enhancement of current CCTV systems, video analytics and audit trail and logs to ensure accuracy.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff, technicians and installers will assess, recommend, design, install, and maintain the security technology that works to fulfill your needs. From network infrastructure, which consists of the hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network, to the use of Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems, which are placed in various locations to provide onsite or offsite monitoring and stored video footage.

The physical presence of an on-site Regal security guard is one of the most effective forms of crime deterrence, in addition to providing a feeling of security to employees and members of the community, in knowing a guard is present. However, a security guard simply can’t monitor an entire building, its stairwells, underground parking areas, or all entrances all at once, in real-time.

Regal Security understands the attention to detail necessary to provide the highest level of service in the security field, which is why Regotec and Regolive staff are accessible 24 hours/day, connecting you to a security professional for immediate response and resolution.

Contact Regal Security today and learn more about the innovative security solutions that we offer on the technology front.

We are here to help keep your people, properties and assets safe.

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