Are you seeking a career in Policing or the Forces?

Why working as a security guard is great training grounds for your future career.

Millions of people can identify with having applied for a job that requires they have experience, but their lack of experience that prevented them from getting the job keeps them inexperienced.

So some people decide to go to a school that offers courses in their chosen career, accept internships, or sign-up for training programs to gain ground level experience.

Others may decide to look for jobs that can provide the training and experience they require to enter into the career they ultimately want.

Getting paid, while at the same time getting the training and experience needed to advance into a higher level career, is exactly what becoming a security guard with Regal Security can do.

The truth is, Law Enforcement, the Armed Forces, EMT services, and even private investigation services are very closely related to the security guard industry, in that life-long careers for many people in those fields begin and end as a security guard.

Many security guards go into law enforcement to advance their careers, and many who retire from law enforcement find being a security guard a perfect post-retirement job.

Being an exceptionally, well-trained security guard with Regal puts you on the front lines of keeping your community safe and secure, and as the eyes and ears of the police, fire departments and emergency medical services. That’s right, an experienced and highly trained and committed security guard is a necessary and valuable asset to those services.

A Regal Security guard is also the perfect candidate to advance into any one of those professional and highly rewarding careers.

But even if someone doesn’t have aspirations to enter law enforcement, Regal Security has many opportunities to offer those who wish to advance within the company.

Regal Security provides all new security guard recruits with a comprehensive, 40-hour mandatory training and licensing program, on-the-job training with an experienced, licensed security guard, as well as unparalleled, ongoing career support.

Though a job as a security guard can open the door to working in other facets of law enforcement, the military, or a host of other related fields, becoming a Regal Security guard is in itself an extremely rewarding career, with many opportunities for advancement.

If you are looking for a very rewarding career that provides a great sense of purpose, serves your community, and is in very high demand, Regal has multiple openings for more Everyday Superheroes™ to join our team,.

The experience gained with Regal Security will arm you with the ground level skills and knowledge you need to advance into many careers related to community safety and security.

Contact us today so that you can move your career in a whole new direction.

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