Are you semi-retired or retired and looking for work? How a career in the security guard industry is a step in the right direction

Many people who have retired from their careers find that a new life of downtime isn’t necessarily all they thought it would be.

Boredom sets in pretty fast, and many feel a need to get out and do something meaningful and productive.

Not only is becoming a security guard a suitable post-retirement career, security companies, and the clients they serve, are happy to have professionals with strong life and people skills to join their team. 

Those who have spent their careers in law enforcement, and who may have retired or are approaching retirement, typically have a desire to stay involved with providing safety and crime prevention in their communities, so becoming a security guard is almost a natural next step.

However, even if someone has never worked in law enforcement, and is seeking post-retirement income while doing something a bit more exciting, and doing something good for their neighbourhood and community, a new full or part-time career as a security guard is a perfect option.

Regal Security Inc. has multiple openings that need to be filled – full-time and part-time. Even better, our industry leading Training Academy, along with our exceptional management support and ongoing industry training, means that you can have a new career in no time.

The demand for professional and trained security personnel has been growing, and jobs are more plentiful as the world begins to re-open, and while we continue to combat variants in this global pandemic.

A security guard is at the front line, the “first, first responder,” who helps mitigate incidents and crimes or sorts.

For example, you have probably seen security guards working in shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, large retail stores and in many other venues where illegal activities may go unnoticed, without the assistance of a security guard.

The job of a security guard requires maintaining a level head in order to deal with high-stress situations in the most effective way, and to calm down potentially disruptive or dangerous people.

Many experienced professionals have learned patience and people skills over the course of their lives which is a huge asset in performing the role as a security guard.

For those thinking about a new or post-retirement career in the security industry, regardless of age, it’s good to know what the security guard training requirements are.

Regal’s guards are provided with the training and ongoing support required to progress their careers, consisting of both mandatory, 40-hour in-class License Training Course, and on-the-job training, coupled with progressively more detailed and specialized training to meet the various demands of all our clients.

Our in-class, five-day course includes emergency first aid, CPR and AED Awareness, in addition to 24/7 online access to Regal’s Security Pandemic Awareness Training, which helps guards and their teams develop skills needed to work professionally and safely, and provide education to businesses and organizations on how to plan for a pandemic, and the action required to minimize the impact.

The security guard field is very diverse and provides a retiree with an opportunity to work in many different environments – healthcare, retail, airport, construction, commercial, and residential. 

If you are looking for an exciting part-time or full-time career during retirement, or if you are looking for some more adventure outside of your day job or part-time job, then Regal Security Inc. is a perfect option.

Send us your resume today and secure your new career with Regal Security Inc.

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