Did you lose your job during the pandemic?

Why you should consider a career in the security guard industry

If you lived and worked in Ontario in late 2019, you may have also been one of the 350,000 Ontarians who lost their job in 2020, when all but essential services were forced to shut-down due to the pandemic.

It’s also no surprise that one of the hardest hit industries was the hospitality industry, and the lowest income earners in the province were pushed into very tough financial times.

It is also now clear that the pandemic motivated tens-of-thousands of workers in Ontario to re-think what they do for a living, which has resulted in employee shortages in many sectors of the labour market.

However, we also know that some businesses actually expanded during the pandemic, which has opened up huge opportunities for those seeking a career change.

Change is good, right? Of course!

Prior to the global pandemic, the security guard industry experienced steady growth.

However, since the pandemic, the demand for well-trained security guards has exploded in virtually every sector of the economy.

Regal Security Inc. is hiring for immediate placement, and for the right person the opportunities to grow and excel in the rapidly expanding security industry, with a highly rated and respected company, have never been larger.

Regal Security Inc. has quickly become an industry leader due to our extensive security guard training program, our superior management support system, as well as our highly competitive pay and benefits package, flexible work hours, and career growth opportunities.

Becoming a security guard with Regal Security Inc. means an exciting career with meaning and purpose.

When you join our team, you get to help those in the most vulnerable sectors of the community and through meaningful interactions with the public.

The presence of guards provides the general public with a comfortable feeling of safety and security, and for the guard on duty this is a very rewarding experience.

Highly trained security guards are more in demand now than ever before, and through Regal’s Ministry-approved 40-hour Security Guard License Training course, which includes emergency first aid, CPR and AED Awareness, our security guards are trained to work closely with local law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services and fire departments.

As Toronto and the GTA continues to expand, so do the number of locations requiring on-site security: airports, hospitals, commercial, residential, construction, insurance, and more!

Becoming a security guard with Regal Security Inc. is a highly rewarding career choice: we are now offering all sorts of amazing opportunities to grow within our company.

If you are looking to make a difference in your community, help others, and launch a new chapter in your professional life, Regal Security Inc. just might be the perfect fit.

We encourage you to apply today!

Regal Security Inc. looks forward to receiving your resume and helping you launch your new, exciting career.

Apply today and secure your new career: Apply Now. 






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