Steps on becoming a security guard in Ontario

Choosing to become a security guard is picking a career with a purpose because at the core of the job description is a passion to help others stay safe.

Security guards are at the absolute front line when it comes to crime prevention. The number one deterrent to crime is the presence of a security guard.

Trained and licensed guards with Regal Security provide a sense of calm and safety for an entire community, not just the single location they are hired to protect.

Regal Security provides new recruits with the fundamental training required, and prepares them to become Everyday Superheroes,™ and arms every new security guard with a unique set of skills to address a diverse range of interactions, from courteously answering questions to discreetly preventing a potential altercation.

In addition to the 40-hour Ministry testing, Regal Security provides its security personnel with an additional 24 hours of training in other important aspects of security like workplace violence, incident reporting, Trespass to Property Act, fire safety, use of force training, and customer service.

Regal Security hires only certified and highly experienced instructors to provide industry-leading, in-class (or virtual coming soon) training, as well as on-the-job training to new guards in order to obtain their Ontario Security Guard License.

Regal Security offers the Ministry-approved 40-hour Security Guard License Training course. The in-class 5 Day Course includes Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED Awareness, and there are new classes starting on a regular basis.

In addition to in-class training, Regal also provide 16 hours of practical field work at actual locations where they will be observed by a supervisor. This 2 phased approach to training provides both the company and the new security guard an opportunity to review the position in a live setting.

After completing the full training program, and obtaining their license, the new security guard is placed on the job, in either new residential condominium developments, high or low-rise office buildings. But the days of security guards just working bars, sporting events and concerts is a thing of the past, and as a new security guard gains experience they will be working in all areas, like healthcare, airports, malls, residential, commercial, construction, industrial.

Law enforcement also relies heavily on highly qualified, well trained, and observant security guards, and on occasion security guards may be called into court to testify as witnesses in cases they have assisted in.

Regal Security guards enjoy competitive pay, extensive training and continuing education, a complete benefits package, exceptional management support, flexible work hours, and career growth opportunities.

A career as a security guard with Regal Security is not only exciting and dynamic, but highly rewarding, and the room to advance in the security industry with Regal Security is available now more than ever.   

Send us your resume today to secure your new career with Regal.

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