How a global pandemic has changed security guarding in Toronto

The pandemic has caused many businesses to pivot during these unprecedented times.

At Regal Security Inc. we made sure we were ahead of this trend. We had to evolve and provide the changing services our customers required. Being a security guard during a pandemic has changed and we needed to make sure our guards were prepared and supported for this shift. We have our own Training Academy and our full commitment to meeting our clients ongoing demands means we take our training very seriously. “Training and Development” is one of the seven core elements of Regal’s Crown Service Model of Excellence.

As Ontario slowly opens up, hospitals, retail, condominiums, airports and many other entities require more and different types of guarding than we saw before. Guards are utilized in new ways and can often be seen serving as health screeners, guards for immunization line-ups and at retail stores to ensure capacity is kept in check. There is a greater need for combined rolls, such as concierge/security guards and the need for foot/mobile patrol has increased.

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The pandemic has led to increased anxiety, angry outbursts, physical threats and impatience with restrictions. Regal Security Inc. has insured mental health and extensive de-escalation training are standard.  Guards are trained for serious and dangerous situations. Having security guards helps to enforce rules like social distancing, masks or face coverings and access controls are being followed.

Many businesses have had to change hours or experienced weeks/months of closure. Through mobile patrols and remote monitoring, guards can respond immediately to suspicious activity involving things such as vandalism and theft. Regal Security Inc. is proud to secure and protect our business partners.

Private citizens are also utilizing security guards more to help protect property, stop vandalism, as escorts to and from events or proceedings and a wide variety of other personal needs. Mobile and foot patrol give peace of mind and deter criminals. Having boots on the ground is a visual reminder to steer clear of your property!

Please reach out with any questions our team can help with. COVID-19 has changed our world but we are here to help you navigate during these challenging times.

Regal Security Inc. is always happy to answer your questions and suggest guarding that will work for your unique and specific needs. As your needs change, count on us to support you every step of the way: or for more information.

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