Security Guard Employment in Toronto: What’s it like working for Regal Security Inc.?

Being a security guard takes a lot of work and training.

Any individual interested in being a security guard first must need to ensure they are eligible by meeting the standard requirements: minimum of 18 years old, able to legally work in Canada and have a clean criminal record. Once all of those conditions are met, interested individuals then need to complete an approved training course and then pass a test to receive their Security Guard License and be able to legally work as a security guard in Ontario. The Ontario training program consists of 40 hours of course work that includes Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED Awareness training. Upon completion of your 40 hours of training through an Ontario Ministry-approved facility, you then need to book and pass the Ontario Security Guard basic test through ServiceOntario. Once you receive a pass on your test, then you are able to apply for your license, also through Service Ontario.

Regal Security offers the Security Guard License Training course that has been Ministry-approved and provides trainees with 40 hours of in-class training time. The classes are run over 5 days and focus on relevant subject matter to the role of a Security Guard. Some of the subject matter that will be covered through the course of the program will be Canadian Legal System, Basic Security Procedures, Health and Safety, Emergency First Aid, Sensitivity Training, Report Writing and several other courses focused on the safety of the security guards and the people and assets they have been hired to protect.

Security guards can be hired by a business to fulfill any number of needs based on the type of business and security protection that they require. The primary role of a security guard is to patrol, monitor or guard premises to ensure it is safe from theft, violence or damage. Security guards can be hired for support inside or outside of a business, as well as to control the flow of traffic going in and out of a business. Their daily tasks may vary but can include investigating alarms or disturbances, monitoring employees and visitors entering and leaving to ensure the safety of all occupants, writing up reports as needed and liaising with emergency personnel when needed, among many other responsibilities.

Regal Security considers the safety and security of our clients and their assets to be our top priority. We ensure our security guards have the best training available to them, with options for ongoing learning and development for our team members to grow their careers in the security sector. We treat our employees like family by providing them with the skills and experience they need to be safe on the job.

If you want a career in the guarding industry, check out our Careers Page to learn more. Please also contact us directly if you have any questions about our Training Academy and how to become a security guard with Regal Security Inc.

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