Top reasons why security guarding will help businesses reopen safely

Ontario is joining other provinces in Canada in rolling out a three-phased approach to safely reopen the province.

The health and safety of all Ontario residents is at the forefront of the reopening approach, ensuring that proper measures are in place and setting benchmarks for further phases of easing back restrictions.

The benchmarks are set based on increasing vaccination rates and improvements in new cases and hospitalizations. These improvements need to be realized while residents have less restrictions and more freedom to interact with other people in different settings.

Once one stage is successful and improvements are maintained, Ontario will move to the next stage of reopening. Restrictions will be eased in phases, as outlined below with step one starting with a 60% vaccination rate of at least one does.

 Step One includes:

  • Outdoor social gatherings up to 10 people
  • Outdoor dining up to 4 people at a table
  • Essential retail at 25% capacity, non-essential at 15% capacity
  • Indoor religious services and ceremonies at 15%, outdoor at a capacity in which 2 meters of physical distancing can be maintained
  • Outdoor fitness classes, personal training and sports training up to 10 people, excluding games or practices
  • And several more allowable activities

After 21 days in this step, Ontario will move into the next step provided they have reached a 70% vaccination rate for first doses and 20% for second doses and cases and hospitalizations are decreasing.

 Step Two includes:

  • Outdoor social gatherings up to 25 people
  • Indoor social gatherings up to 5 people
  • Outdoor dining of up to 6 people
  • Essential retail at 50% of capacity, non-essential at 25%
  • Increased capacity for religious services and ceremonies, so long as 2 meters of physical distancing is maintained
  • Personal care services with masks won at all times
  • And other activities

Again, after 21 days in this step, Ontario can move to the last step provided cases are still decreasing and vaccinations are increasing. The benchmark for step 3 is 80% of eligible residents having the first dose and 25% having both doses.

Step Three includes:

  • Larger indoor and outdoor gatherings
  • Indoor dining
  • All retail open with limited capacity
  • Indoor meetings and events
  • Indoor recreational and sports facilities
  • And the reopening of several other businesses in an indoor capacity

As businesses work to navigate their way through the pandemic world, with restrictions and rules changing frequently, many have turned to security guard firms for support. Due to decreased income and increased costs due to closures and safety measures, businesses are often working with less employees on shift.

Security guard companies are able to step in to help with:

  • Managing flow and occupancy for retail locations that are open
  • Ensuring people are following mask policies and physical distancing protocols
  • Health screening of people prior to them entering indoor spaces
  • Conflict resolution and incident assistance where needed
  • Monitoring businesses that are closed to the public for vandalism, break and enter and other damages to the physical space
  • Additional support as needed for businesses to protect the company, their customers, clients and employees, and their assets

Regal Security Inc. provides security guarding services across several spaces, including retail, commercial, condos, healthcare, airport, construction, and more. We offer onsite and remote security monitoring unique to each client’s individual security needs.

The health and safety of your employees, customers, clients and the general public who interact with your business is one of our top priorities.

COVID-19 By the Numbers

Regal Security Inc. has been active during a global pandemic:

  • Regal has worked 2,288,000 hours since the start of COVID-19.
  • We have issued over 700,000 masks to employees, visitors and others since the pandemic started.
  • We have use 37,000 litres of hand sanitizer.
  • We have supported 32 Employees that contracted COVID-19.
  • We have supported the operations of over 175 clients throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario.
  • We have provided updates, letters to employees and other communications about COVID-19 a total of 876 times.
  • We have made 84 COVID-19 related arrests.
  • We have driven over 450,000 km’s in support of our clients and security guards.
  • We have purchased 4 new vehicles for our operations and in support of the economy.
  • We support healthcare workers daily in their efforts to eradicate COVID-19 from Canada.
  • We have paid over $30 million in security guard salaries since the start of COVID-19, which has supported 1,500 families through direct employment.
  • We have trained 600 NEW security guards virtually and classroom-based with all COVID protocols in place.
  • We have on-boarded almost 15,000 NEW security guard hours per week since the start of COVID-19.

Our other top priority of course is the security of your overall business, the physical space it occupies, its employees, tenants, and visitors, as well as its assets.

Security guarding can take pressure off of companies and their employees by providing support with ensuring customers, clients and other people accessing monitored indoor and outdoor spaces are adhering to all necessary COVID-19 protocols.

By having a security guard, or guards, on hand, employees can remain focused on their job, particularly in industries where the employees have been off work for an extended time.

Contact Regal Security Inc. today to learn more about guarding services and how we can help protect your people, property, and assets.

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