Top Tips on Hiring the Right Security Guard Firm for your Business

Have you spent hours searching a company and its products while skimming over customer reviews? Now is the age of researching. Think of a restaurant you want to visit for date night, a business whose mission you want to know more about, or a product you want to try. People now take the time before committing to a service or product. Did you know that about 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase? We encourage our clients to do their research before hiring the right security guard firm. 

Being a business owner, a landlord, or property manager requires time and effort when evaluating security services. The security guard firm should offer training for their staff, should be transparent at all times, and of course, be passionate about protecting your assets.

Tips when choosing a security guard firm

Credible with training and licensing: There have been multiple false claims regarding individuals who state they are certified when they weren’t. This could put your business, staff, and even oneself at risk. When hiring a security guard firm you want to ensure that all guards have obtained an Ontario Security Guard License.  Certifications by the Canadian General Standards Board is also key training of guards and security supervisors. The person will also need to go through a criminal background check to qualify for these accolades.

Prepared and confident working with technology: With technology being enhanced regularly, it’s important to hire someone who’s trained and equipped with the latest improvements. If you have surveillance equipment, hiring a security guard who is in the know and who is comfortable will allow your business to thrive and stay efficient.

Great communication skills: The first impression must be strong when meeting your guard. Is this person warm, understanding, responsible, and insightful? Having good communication skills is important when the job involves dealing with a vast range of personalities. This goes towards working with your employees and guests alike. Strong communication skills is an asset to have when working in the field, dealing with difficult situations. This can help prevent them from escalating quickly. 

Organized and motivated: In many cases, your security guard will be handling paperwork. This includes reports, daily notes, and more. Having a guard that pays attention to detail in keeping things organized will be key to success. A guard who is motivated in providing you with accurate information, as well as physical and mental services will lead to a trustworthy relationship. 

At Regal Security we are able to check all of those boxes as we provide training to all new and current employees. Your security needs is our top priority. For a full list of our services, visit Regal Security Inc. and let us know how we can help develop your security plan. 


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