The Importance of Security Guard Training

You wouldn’t hire someone who isn’t trained to fix your home or vehicle would you? When it comes to security, choosing the right company to give you peace of mind is extremely important.

At Regal Security, our mission statement is just that, Your Peace of Mind™. Whether you are a tenant, business owner, or resident in the GTA and Ontario, our staff are trained to protect your biggest assets. From the moment our guard is hired, Regal provides ongoing training and support at Regal Security Training Academy.

What is the Regal Security Training Academy?

A Ministry-approved Security License Training Course that makes our firm different from the rest. We offer a wide range of unique courses to prepare our team for anything while in “the line of duty.” Courses are taught by Regal professionals at our registered training facility. Hands-on learning is something we take pride in with our in-class and on-the-job training. Specialized training is also offered.

Courses Include:

  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • AODA-Customer Service
  • Emergency Response
  • Pandemic Awareness Training
  • Report Writing
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment Awareness
  • Trespass to Property Training

Lets face it, trust is earned not given. When dealing with Regal staff our goal is to build relationships with your employees, guests, and the overall community. For instance, during COVID-19 guards were put up by clients, pun intended. People didn’t want trades and other services coming into their buildings without proper training or documentation.

At Regal Security, we play an important role in ensuring buildings and facilities are safe. Our team is responsible for jobs like, health-screening, guarding, video monitoring and more. We educate our guards on the effects of the Coronavirus and how to prepare your home or workplace where we can minimize its impact.

The skills learned at Regal’s training academy can be applied to multiple positions and in everyday life. Having a trained professional in your corner alleviates any additional stress you may have when going home or work. We want to avoid potential altercation at all costs. By training our team to take charge when addressing a diverse range of interactions, you can trust our two phase approach  that allows for 40 hour Ministry lead testing with a second tranche of field work with a Regal supervisor. We can prepare our guards to handle situations with confidence!

At Regal, no questions go unanswered. Join our team and become one of Everyday Superheroes™.

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