Regal Security is Recruiting Top Talent

During normal times, security is big business, and during challenging times, security is even bigger business. Coronavirus has opened up new doors where jobs and hours are available for guards to work. If you have a passion for helping the GTA community and surrounding areas in Ontario, Regal Security has a position for you.

5 Reasons To Join Regal Security

No day is the same: The role of a professional security guard is exciting! With hands-on training provided by us, you can become an everyday hero helping businesses and organizations stay safe.

Job security protecting clients biggest assets: Many businesses employ Regal Security guards including, banks, hospitals, retail stores, and office buildings. During the pandemic our role has been named essential.

Definite room for growth: At Regal there are countless opportunities for advancement. Regolive and Regotec offer guards the chance of specializing in complex monitorization. We also provide supervisor training to enhance skills in problem solving and leadership.

Meet and work with many heroes: Working as a security allows you to be first on scene in challenging situations. Police, fire, EMS, and more will be on site to evaluate these situations. You are also a first responder.

Flexible work hours: If you have a full-time career and are looking for additional income, guarding is a great and rewarding role. With a range of shifts and positions, Regal can work with your schedule.

There is no question that these unprecedented times have presented a demand for security services. Our guards have been tasked with responsibilities that include local patrols at nursing homes, hospitals, and homes of the vulnerable. We have stepped up to the challenge by building relationships with our community. You can see us in front of retail and grocery stores where we provide COVID-19 screening, social and physical distancing monitoring, and where we continue to provide services to prevent conflict inside and outside your store.

Communication is key especially when there are so many unknowns in Ontario at the moment. Our trained professionals will work with business owners, residents, and other leaders by providing them with daily updates regarding the pandemic, new security software, and instant notifications regarding potential incidents.

Regal Security is recruiting top talent as we continue to be recognised as a frontline heros. If you are looking for a rewarding position APPLY TODAY AND BEGIN AN EXCITING NEW CAREER!

We offer competitive pay, extensive training, benefits package, superior management support, flexible work hours, career growth, and more! We will fast track your application and place you in any of the following: Residential condos, commercial low, and high-rise buildings, retail, and more.

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