Why airports are relying more on security guards

The airport scene has definitely changed over the past decade. Gone goes the glamorous recliners we once saw on board an aircraft. Say hello to longer lines, less leg room, and playing eye spy with your family until your flight. That being said, we have seen an increase in new technology and job descriptions in the airport. This is definitely a pro when it comes to the efficiency of your travel day.  

With new protocols being implemented due to the Coronavirus, security guards have been asked to team up with airport officials to ensure the safety of its travellers. Check-in lines used to zig zag throughout where now we see new social distancing measures in place. Security guards are able to monitor heavy traffic by patrolling on foot or via mobile. By being able to lead guests to their gates or give important information, airports are relying more on security guards to help ease the stresses of travelling.

Millions of travellers visit Canadian airports each year. Although, travelling has been altered due to the pandemic, security measures have heightened with on-site health screening. Every passenger at Canada’s airports must pass through a COVID-19 screening, which includes:

  1. Temperature screening at front entrance. This includes checking for signs of illness and if you have a body temperature that exceeded 100.4F
  2. Asking questions regarding symptoms and exposure 
  3. Giving any information regarding changes to protocols etc

All guards are trained and supplied with proper PPE before arriving on site.

But their job doesn’t stop there. Guards also monitor entrances to ensure people are only entering to board flights. This is a strategic effort by employees and airline staff. Security guards are also trained to complete identity verification, examine and protect all restricted areas, and observe behaviour to eliminate unnecessary conflict.

Yes, travel days can bring on additional stresses like;  Remembering if you packed enough clothes, if your spouse grabbed the tickets or if you were supposed to grab the tickets, if you children will ever stop asking, “are we there yet?” Airports will continue to rely on security guarding now and into the future to help reduce stress and bring more efficiency for passengers and airlines.

If COVID-19 has taught us one thing, it’s that airports need to rely on guarding in a big way. 

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