How security guarding is a growing trend in healthcare

There is no question that resources have been spread thin during the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, our health care system has experienced a rise in the need for security due to these unprecedented circumstances. 

More hospitals and healthcare organizations are utilizing security guards to help them perform a number of duties. Security guards are now relied upon by healthcare professionals, patients, and their visitors. With jobs like health-screeners, guarding, foot patrol, working the main desk, video monitoring, and more, it’s an adjustment many are still getting used to. Industry experts state that we could see a demand for these roles increase as the province starts to open. 


Monitor and Control: Security guards are responsible for giving instructions to visitors as well as updating staff on any new information. This role also includes supervising all entrances of the building and reporting to a supervisor hourly. They are also in charge of managing security equipment. 

Screening: Healthcare facilities have ramped up in person screening when entering their building. A security guard will take temperatures as well as record information when a patient, staff member, or visitor arrives or leaves. They will also ensure all PPE measures are followed throughout their shift.

On foot or mobile patrol: While patrolling, security guards will be supervising the halls and exterior areas of a facility. Overcrowding is something we take very seriously especially with COVID-19 protocols in place. Regal will provide surveillance around the clock. 

In comparison between our frontline workers, security guards are experiencing the same amount of stress and encourage employees and guests to be patient. We are all in this together. Regal Security has made it their priority to prepare their employees for their updated roles. Regal offers online Pandemic Awareness Training 24/7 to healthcare professionals as well as internal staff. With Regal Security being at the forefront in a healthcare setting, our team of licensed professionals will ensure your halls remain safe. 


Regal Security’s team of experts pride themselves on communicating with the Greater Toronto Area’s healthcare system. All employees understand the importance of sharing information with their medical staff to avoid confusion and a potential incident. Healthcare professionals will be well informed of all duties and responsibilities carried out by Regal.  

Contact us today and learn more about our security solutions. 

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