Why should you get your security guard license in Ontario during a pandemic?

In life you have to be prepared for the best and worst. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a dramatic strain on the GTA community and its business owners. Where we once saw grocery stores and malls being somewhat calm, we have now witnessed overcrowding and unnecessary contact. 

In Toronto, we have seen an increase in the demand for security guards. Job descriptions have now added temperature checks, crowd control, and monitoring proper COVID-19 protocol to ensure the safety of all shop goers. If you have a passion for protecting your neighbours, now is a crucial time to get a security guard license in Ontario.   

Businesses and organizations rely more on security when times are bad to protect their people, property, and assets. With the demand for security services in Ontario on the rise, the government has made the process for online tests quite simple. This modern testing option will eliminate the need for applicants to travel to a testing location during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

Becoming a security guard is not limited to just one type of person. Regal will provide in depth training for interests in traffic control, contractor escort, private investigator, foot and mobile patrol, and concierge. Solicitor General of Ontario Sylvia Jones says, “compensating new recruits and leveraging technology for training will help encourage more people to consider a career that contributes to the safety and well-being of our communities.” Many organizations are realizing the importance of hiring a security company to help ensure their business runs smoothly. With safety comes peace of mind which is a huge benefit of using Regal Security. 

At Regal Security, our main focus is keeping our neighbours safe as an essential service. We will always be permitted to operate, alleviating any stresses you may have about job security. This includes Workers performing security, incident management, and emergency operations functions at or on behalf of healthcare entities, as well as cybersecurity which we highlight through Regotec

The sky’s the limit after you gain your security guard license. Speak to our industry experts and we will provide you with our 40-Hour Ministry-Approved Security Guard License Training course. Training does not stop there. Keep elevating your skills as Regal also offers fire safety, emergency & standard first aid, communications, and more! 

Although we don’t supply you with capes, we do prepare you to become Everyday Superheroes when you join our team. 

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