What are the essential roles security guards provide?

The reasons are endless to serve and protect our communities. Schools, hospitals, property management groups, grocery stores, you name it, a security guard is a role where you are the local hero. Talk about becoming a vigilante!  

Is there a comparison between a vigilante to a security guard? We are fighting for a specific cause to help our local police and residents so, as far as Regal is concerned, we don’t see much of a difference. If you are a passionate, dedicated individual whose goal is to suppress crime and help serve their community then Regal Security has the uniform that fits your goals.

With multiple responsibilities, the role of a security guard is never the same. It’s opening up to the public to build trusted relationships to protect and serve their community. 

Being a part of a front line, essential service, comes with responsibility. 

Duties consist of and are not limited to:

  • Patrolling areas to ensure no unidentified patrons have entered at a certain time
  • Creating daily reports of what was evaluated that day
  • Informing staff of potential threats or news, whether being traffic related, person related, or building related
  • Communicating with your community about the importance of maintaining security and safety
  • Deterring unlawful conduct if present
  • Responding to situations professionally and efficiently to avoid any conflict
  • Health-screeners at places of business
  • Monitoring security cameras in a client’s facility or through Regolive 

Regal Security can provide you with the fundamentals to become a highly trained security guard. There are multiple avenues to take as well.

From concierge, sales and estimating, tactical security, and more, Regal Security will embark on this journey with you by providing a vast range of training. With COVID-19 impacting local businesses, there is no better time to join our team! We encourage you to join us as there are multiple positions presenting themselves across the GTA that could lead to a more prominent role in the future. 

Did you know that becoming a security guard can be a great transition to a law enforcement career? Though security officers and police officers have different roles, they do hold common skills sets. 

  1. The ability to analyze situations to solve problems efficiently
  2. Maintaining composure under stressful circumstances
  3. Communicating with multiple practices to ensure prompt service is met
  4. Performing physical tasks daily
  5. Becoming confident to lead and successfully avoid conflict 

Being exposed to the demand of a law enforcement career can be nerve racking but extremely rewarding. The skills gained at Regal Security can excel you forward with new insights, and attitude.

Complete our hands on training today 

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