How new security technology will help secure your business, assets, and property

Out with the old and in with the new right?

What is said for phones, cars, and clothes, goes for security technology also. Having reliable technology is key in protecting your business, assets, and property. 

At Regal Security, our technology is expanding through Regolive, Regotec, and cybersecurity. 

There is a difference. Regolive capitalizes on using accurate Remote Video Monitoring services. When talking about assets RVM can allow you to view what is most important on your smart phones with 24-hour video patrols at all locations. 

Sick of Toronto’s raccoons triggering your alarm? Yes, they are bandits, but catch the real calperate with prompt video analytics and logs that ensure accuracy. 

Regotec will meet with you to create new ways to amplify your building. Whether it be through design consultations, installing intercom systems, and monitoring who enters and exits with secure door operators, Regotec will work with your budget to find the best security solution possible.  

Remember computer hackers frantically typing away to break into some top executives hard drive? Well, cybercrime has cost the world over $6 trillion dollars and that is expected to increase drastically by 2025. Since most of our ventures are online now, stolen money, identity, and data are at an all time high with Malware and Ransomware. 

Industry experts are running to the rescue with cybersecurity tactics. Protecting privacy and securing databases like the cloud  protection and secure databases like the cloud is front of mind.

Tips from Regal Security:

  1. Be aware of websites that ask for email addresses and phone numbers. These can be used to gather personal data including your social insurance number. YIKES! Instead, use a burner email. 
  2. Change your passwords often! Over 65% of adults have admitted to reusing their passwords across multiple sites. This goes for businesses too. Your business needs to implement recurring password updates to avoid the change of their security being breached.
  3. Make sure your files or photos are sitting in a secure storage location. If you are a business owner ask yourself the question of what data is being shared and to whom. Is this data password protected? Explore your options.

Technology is ever evolving and you need to be flexible to stay up to date with changes, speeds, and capacities. Through our security technology, we are able to evaluate data to create a full proof plan to protect against day-to-day threats and cybercrime. 

 Stay in control and contact us today. 

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