Let’s talk mental health: Regal’s employee system assistance program is here for support

There is no question that mental health plays a critical role in the job we do here at Regal Security Inc. Our mission says it all, “Committed to your peace of mind”. However, this message not only signifies our trusted relationship with our clients but reaches our dedicated staff as well.

It is never a dull moment as some guards may face more challenging days than others but that is the beauty of the security industrious. Not one day is the same. 

At Regal, supporting our security staff with guidance, education, and patience to see things through properly, can boost confidence and employee mental health.  

What is mental health? 

Mental health can be described as your emotional well-being. Mental health can depict your actions in coping with the everyday stresses of life. There are multiple routes that can cause mental health issues or break throughs but we will get to that later.

Why do we call our team Everyday Superheroes

No, our uniforms don’t incorporate cape’s but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as savvy as Superman. Our staff routinely deal with people in crisis.

This includes:

  1. Ensuring a building is safe with our property inspections
  2. Providing assistance to those in need eg. CPR
  3. Dealing with medical emergencies 
  4. Monitoring those who may put the public at risk
  5. Protecting local communities from crime

All of these duties may take a toll with the addition of working inconsistent hours.

For example, The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the mind of many. Shift changes, being isolated from friends and family where normal activities are no longer present can put a real damper on your mental health. If you’re experiencing upsetting thoughts, low energy, and mood swings, this could indicate that you could be living with mental health problems.  

That being said, having a proper work life balance, even if it has shifted from your norm, is very important. The Canadian Mental Health Association suggests making daily to-do-lists to feel accomplished each day when completed.This leads to more healthy habits and increased productivity. Just remember, you are not alone and joining smaller groups in your community, or larger groups online, can result in new relationships built. 

You are not alone at Regal Security. Our Everyday Superheroes experience compassion from our experts. In-depth training like, WHMIS, Trespass to Property Act, Incident Reporting, and Pandemic Awareness Training are a made focus to get our team prepped for the field. It’s our goal to ensure our staff is confident as a front line worker to then go home proud where they can rest easy after a job well done. 

You can improve your mental health here

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