The advantages of having a security guard license

Security guards are an essential service and if you are considering a career in this field, then now is the time to get your security guard license.

Being a security guard is a rewarding job and if you like excitement, meeting people, helping people, and working with other first responders, like police, fire, and emergency medical services, then guarding is a role you should consider pursuing.

When you obtain your security guard license, you will have the opportunity to apply for scores of jobs with local security firms, and you will also have the chance to rise-up through the ranks – from guarding to being a corporate executive, or from scheduler to private investigator.

There is no shortage of work in the guarding industry, especially as the world continues to combat COVID-19 and with businesses and organizations eager to enter a “new normal.”

Why should I obtain my security guard license?

There are a number of reasons why you should get your security guard license.

Let’s start with the fact that there are all sorts of jobs that suit different personalities: foot patrol, mobile patrol, traffic control, contractor escort, concierge, and private investigator, to name a handful. There is also typically shift work involved in the security guard business, which means you are not tied down to a 9-to-5-job. If you enjoy early mornings, days, weekends, or evenings, all you need to do is speak with your supervisor to work the shifts you prefer. And let’s also not forget that you can work full-time, or part-time, and there is overtime too. If you need a rewarding full-time career, or a part-time career outside of your day job, guarding is ideal and security companies are always looking for top talent.

You should also know that when you are a security guard, you are working with people from all walks of life – the general public, business owners, and emergency personnel. Your role is security, service, and safety for everyone, and in your position, you work with a team to protect a client’s people, property, and assets. Having a security guard license is your ticket to working with a security guard firm, which means that you get to work an exciting job that is different every day.

Security guarding is a growing industry, especially since COVID-19 changed our world. Here is some data from the Ontario Ministry of Public Security Act for Private Investigators and Security: there were approximately 4,000 licensed guards working the security industry during the 1960s, and by the early 2000s this number climbed to almost 30,000. New data recently released by the Ministry of the Solicitor General of Ontario shows that there are now almost 80,000 guards employed across the province, and some security experts anticipate that this number will rise to over 100,000 as we maneuver our way through the pandemic and into the “new normal.” What does this all mean? Well, lots of jobs and new opportunities. An increasing number of businesses and organizations are now realizing the benefits of hiring security, so there is plenty of work to go around and you will definitely have the opportunity for advancement within a firm too.

While there is flexibility, diversity, excitement, and job growth with having your security guard license, let’s also not forget that the career is very rewarding. Day-in and day-out, you are helping others and you are finding solutions to problems. It’s a job where you think and it’s physical too – that’s right, there is never a dull moment on any security guard shift, just ask any experienced guard.

Why you should consider a career with Regal Security Inc. in Toronto

If you are considering getting your security guard license, then you should speak with our team at Regal Security Inc. We house are very own Training Academy and we offer the 40-Hour Ministry-Approved Security Guard License Training Course. Even better, we offer ongoing training and development, and we always promote advancement opportunities within the company.

Visit our Training Academy page today to learn more about obtaining your security guard license, and also visit our Careers page and discover the exciting positions that we have available.



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